Breadfruit: another superfood to end world hunger?

The name of a possible hero — breadfruit, jackfruit, although he actually does not similar to fruit. Large, with a prickly rind, cooked the fruit tastes like baked potatoes or – as you know – bread.
Breadfruit grows on tall trees in tropical regions such as Hawaii, Samoa and the Caribbean. Is the fruit with a little sugar, rich in carbohydrates and energy, potassium and it is much more than ten bananas.

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According to the National tropical Botanical garden, more than 80% of the world's hungry live in tropical or subtropical regions this kind of environment is ideal for growing grain and trees. These trees are relatively undemanding and can bring a rich harvest for decades.

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Organizations like Global Breadfruit and the breadfruit Institute of the National tropical Botanical garden is dedicated to the popularization of such a superfood and spread it by regions of the world who need it most.

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