The new headquarters of Apple

Apple always surprises with something unique and creative. At that time, as rumors about iPhone 6 is constantly hanging in the air, this time surprised not by phone. Is the new Apple campus 2, which Steve jobs praised as “like a spaceship”. The best specialists in the world worked on the model more than two years. Apple showed the model to the Internet audience recently. Let's see what will be the new building of the headquarters of Apple.

The project with an impressive design covers an area of approximately 800 thousand square meters. This four-story building, which will house 12,000 employees. Spaceship Apple is an architectural marvel. Apple definitely knows who to work with huge architectural projects. Windows of curved glass provide a sense of comfort, and some other special features include a different audience, a fitness center, a Jogging trail and plenty of trees.

Financial Director Apple Peter Oppenheimer has described a model of a spaceship, as “home to many creative teams in the technical industry, willing to develop innovations for many decades to come.” The building is a real sight for sore eyes, created by the best engineers architects and builders.

It is also a role model in terms of creating energy-saving buildings, where the dark roof is covered with solar panels. Although, the interior is top-secret project Apple was not shown in all details, we can already say that this would be a real triumph of technology.

Spacecraft — the only major building in the complex at the moment, but the company plans to make additions to provide more space for its employees in the future. Design, as they say, is in its final planning stages. Apple representatives consider the model just as they would consider any new technical solution of the company. Once the design is approved, after the final vote on November 19, Apple continued the implementation plan.

If the model will receive the approval of the Planning Commission of Cupertino, we can see the structure completed by 2016. Continued to read also about the headquarters of Skype in Palo Alto.



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