5 of the most bizarre scientific facts about moms

And did you know that many mothers are true genetic mutants? Actually in the process of motherhood changes even the brain itself. It may sound like my own mother has become the hero of the film "X-Men", but believe that there is scientific justification.

The genetic background of the mother's Pregnancy changes the body, but stretch marks are a and a miracle. It turns out that little bits of baby remain in the mother's body for many years.
This phenomenon is called microchimerism. The blood of the mother and child shared a placenta, but many embryonic cells overcome this barrier and settle in the mother's body. Scientists have discovered that these cells may live for many years and even decades. Their role, if any, remains a mystery. But in 2012, the experiment confirmed that DNA from the cells of the child may settle even in the brain of the mother.

You changed her brain Experiments on rodents have shown that the offspring changes the mother's brain. In pregnant female rats appear new neurons related to the sense of smell. Perhaps this is necessary in order to better recognize their children using the sense of smell. These changes remain in the mother for life.
The human brain is also susceptible to changes associated with pregnancy. Recently, British scientists found that looking at pictures which depict the faces of children and adults with different emotions, pregnant women use the right brain more often than the young mothers. The effect was most when pregnant was considered a happy person. The change may be due to the fact, experts say that after having formed a close attachment between mother and child.
Earlier studies indicate that pregnant women and young mothers begin to better recognize facial expressions and appropriate emotions, and such changes in the brain may be related.

Perhaps it helped in your personal life a Warm and intimate relationship with mother in childhood portend and strong love Affairs in later life. Parent help in the romantic relationship is observed among individual animals. So, in 2010, scientists found that the males of bonobos, standing on lower stages of the hierarchy are more likely to have sex with mother. Moreover, mothers perform a mediating role, allowing sons in their social circle, and even fending off competing males.
Feel lonely? Do not despair, because a strong relationship with the mother help the children and friends.
The cause of OCD, your mother is yourself
If it seems that the mother worried a lot, it is not just a fantasy. It turns out that baby can cause the mother's obsessive-compulsive.
Researchers at northwestern University in the US studied young mothers, when their children were 2 to 6 months old, and as a result, 11 percent of the study participants showed severe symptoms of this psychological disorder, namely the fear of bacteria or a compulsion to repeatedly check the radio-babysitter. In comparison, this syndrome generally suffer only 2-3 percent of people.
In extreme cases these symptoms can cause harm, the researchers write. But some anxiety is obviously normal and acceptable, because whatever it was, and taking care of a baby is a serious job. The gain of the syndrome may be the result of stress or post-partum hormonal.

Her voice has the power You knew your mother's voice even before birth. A recent study, which took place in the canadian Queen's University, demonstrated that at the sound of a poem written by the mother, fetal heart beats faster than when the same work read by a stranger. The experiment was conducted in the third trimester of pregnancy, when the children were almost ready to birth.
Another study conducted at the University of Montreal, Canada, revealed that the brain of the newborn is so sensitive, and that is the heart of the embryo. When a mother emits a short sound "A", aktiviziruyutsya left hemisphere of the brain of the newborn, while the sounds of voices unfamiliar person reacts the right hemisphere. The right side of the brain associated with speech recognition and the left for language and motor abilities. Thus, the voice of the mother can lay the Foundation for the first words of the child.
Voice superpowers mothers continue to play a role and for a long time as the child grows. So, my mother's voice, like real hugs, eases stress in older children, reducing the levels of the hormone cortisol and increasing oxytocin, responsible for love and affection.

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