The problem of smog in China will be resolved through cleaner air and the "diamond rings"

Terrible air quality in Metropolitan areas to this day remains one of the major environmental problems in modern China, which the neighboring Nations called "global provider of smog". The combustion products of the celestial Empire divided even with the US population. And the residents of major Chinese cities, including Beijing, most of the time walking the streets with special masks on the face. Not to curtail industrial production, Chinese authorities said that the atmosphere of the cities will be cleaned with special cleaner for the air.

The decision to eliminate the contamination of urban air in the form of a special vacuum cleaner was invited Dutch artist and scientist Dan Roosegarde, which has already developed many options to deal with urban smog: the artificial clouds, bike generator fresh air, etc.

Work for cleaner air based on the use of high voltage electric fields. Device with field data will positively charge the particles in the smog that the air flow entered the device. Once the smog particles will acquire a positive charge, they will immediately begin to be attracted to the grounded electrode. Thus, the city appears area clean and fresh air that will give residents of the metropolis are free from smog pieces of blue sky.

For correct operation of the device will need to create a special electrostatic field that will give a positive charge to the particles of dirty air that will float over the device. In addition, you will need to take into account the fact that a negatively charged grounding electrodes need to be periodically cleaned. But this process did not happen in vain, he offers to call for help of nanotechnology, which will allow you to turn could the so-called "diamond ring".

This deposition system is not new and was proposed by the expert of Delft University Bob Onemom. He had observed the tiny pieces of organic matter and salt from the Atlantic ocean that hung on one of the Dutch beaches in the form of mist. Tiny ocean particles floated between the dunes toward the bushes over which it climbed up.

This effect of lifting is explained quite simply. The floating particles carried a negative charge, so they went around negatively charged leaves of the bushes that were grounded through contained in the stems of the water. The fact that the aerosol particles from the ocean floating over the bushes, clearly demonstrated the predominance of electrical forces over gravity.

The researcher decided to copy a natural phenomenon in the laboratory, using the ionization of dust particles. Also he had to develop a way to instantly change the sign of the induced charge on the particles by using electrostatic field.

In laboratory conditions, it does not even require a ventilation system which would forcibly directed the flow of air through the energized coil of copper wire. Due to the ion wind is rushing off to ground particles would come other particles, which have filled the free volume due to the loss of positive charge.



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