Dementia is a companion of cynicism

As you know, everyone is different. Someone is considered to be the soul of the company, someone reputed to be noble and cynical, which no one likes. However, apart from universal condemnation cynical people are waiting for much more trouble. Scientists say that the cynicism usually is a harbinger of dementia, which with high probability can develop in the future.

Those who ridicule another point of view on the basis of some selfish considerations, were the subject of research, the full text of which was published in the latest issue of the journal Neurology.

The scientific results are as follows: cynics have all the chances to get dementia, do not wait for old age.

Cynicism has become the topic of several studies. Previously it was established that such behavior can result in several diseases, which lead to cardiovascular diseases. However, recent scientific work was the first that drew attention to the existence of a clear link between cynicism and subsequent dementia, and also proved that connection.

Experts from the American Academy of neurology, dementia implies a collection of a large number of symptoms that are triggered by disorders of the brain. That is, this is a very common term.

According to statistics, only in 2010 the number of people suffering from symptoms of dementia, reached 36 thousand people. Scientists believe that every twenty years, this already considerable figure will only double. Moreover, the risk group also includes people with a cynical behaviour where the chance of getting dementia three times more than the more good-natured people.



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