28 years later, the solar panels back on the roof of the White house

Better late than never — as you can see in the picture below, solar panels were first installed on the White house most likely before you were born, or certainly before the birth of your children. 20 June 1979, President Carter ordered the installation of 32 solar panels to produce hot water, but the panels were removed (and were intentionally not installed again) during a roof repair in 1986 at a time when Reagan was President.

Although the solar array on the roof of the White house was never large enough to have any serious impact on energy savings in itself, more important was the symbolism of this installation. Therefore, the news that in 2010 the Obama administration announced that it again will install solar panels on the roof at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, was happily greeted by green activists! Initially it was announced that the project will complete by spring 2011.

Well, you know how things are in politics — every action requires decisions and execution time. For the time that it took for Elon Musk at the electric car plant, establish the issue, then the new Model S and the launch that docked with the International space station, the White house finally found time to install solar panels. According to statements of officials, the installation was completed recently.

Unfortunately, the header image of this article is just a model made sun enthusiast. A real system has more modest dimensions (6.3 kW), it is likely that this is due to the requirements of the security services to maintain the greater part of the roof of the White house free of unnecessary items.

Source: aenergy.ru


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