Hybrid Mitsubishi once again proved its worth


The car is completely filled with gasoline a 45-liter tank and charged battery took the start in the Swiss city of Harlingen and finished through 830 km in the Dutch capital Amsterdam, never refuel in the way of fuel and never munitions battery from an external source.

The experimental route of the rally was laid out so that the portion of plains road had only 38 %. The rest of the route passed through hilly and mountainous terrain, making the test results as representative.

Despite the presence of petrol engine, the developers still think Outlander electric vehicle. All because of the design of the main motor function of the electric motor and the gasoline engine serves only to recharge the batteries.

Powerplant Outlander PHEV successfully coped with all the UPS and downs, showing the average fuel consumption level of 5.44 liters per 100 km, and the average battery consumption – 1 kWh.

Thus, as stated in the passport model Outlander PHEV indicator of the range of speed of 824 km was confirmed almost even with some excess.

Source: greenevolution.ru


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