The vanishing beauty of Crescent Lake


The Gobi desert is a huge space in an area of 1 300 000 sq. km, covered with sand. Winter temperatures here can drop below -40 °C and in summer can rise above +45 °C. the Prospering city of Dunhuang (Dunhuang), located in the heart of this amazing place is located in a fertile oasis and is rich in historical and tourist attractions. This oasis can be considered a real wonder of the world, as it is amazing in its beauty lake Crescent.

The purity and transparency of water, the lake looks like sparkling and pure gemstone. Itself is called the Crescent lake (Yueyaquan) and is 6 km from the city, which was once one of the intermediate points of the Great silk road.

Nearby is the famous Chinese pagoda in elegant Oriental style. In our time, in this lake there are many tourist trails, so that any traveler could see the clean and cool water, capable of making sand from the surrounding fertile soil.

Matter how beautiful an oasis it was not, of Crescent lake gradually dries up and repeats the fate known to all of the Aral sea. Depth measurements in 1960 show that the average depth of the lake was 4-5 meters and at a depth of 7.5 metres was the deepest point. Measurements 1990–ies have recorded strong changes: the depth was up 0.9 meters, and the deepest point is now at the level of 1.3 meters! Most likely, soon the Crescent lake included in the world heritage list of UNESCO, will disappear from the face of the Earth.

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