American scientists have created a dangerous strain of the flu virus

Researchers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (United States) found the deadly form of the flu virus. The researchers received a sample of a dangerous virus due to the method of "reverse" genetics. First, they combined the genes of different types of avian flu.

As the creators of the deadly virus in the near future it can become a basis for the development of new vaccines against this disease. In addition, of Yoshihiro, Kawaoka, one of the study's authors said that his team derived the virus could have "pandemic potential" and transmitted by airborne droplets.

Experts said that the type of danger it is only 3% different from the well-known "Spanish flu", which in the period from 1918 to 1919, killed millions of humans, which exceeds the number of deaths from the medieval plague, but also during the First world war.

But such research other scientists were not to their liking. For example, Lord may, former scientific Advisor to the Royal community in Britain said that the creation of such a virus is "madness" and stressed that the greatest danger comes not from the virus itself, but from "too ambitious personalities."

With the negativity towards the new threat of the virus were also made by various organizations. Their heads, in turn, said about the mass dying of the world's population and inevitable disaster, which may result in similar studies. However, in response to this, Professor Kawaoka stated that this virus was created only to study the level of risk of other dangerous diseases.

But despite the assurances, the heads of public companies demanded that the government of the United the termination of the project, as well as the elimination extracted the deadly virus.



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