Entertainment drivers, extreme in Saudi Arabia video

Worldwide the youth is characterized by a tendency to extreme driving, but young drivers in Saudi Arabia in this respect to surpass the very difficult. A few years ago, it was fashionable to put on YouTube videos where guys on skateboards drove through the streets, clinging to passing cars, but it's a dangerous game quickly become boring.

Now there is a new feature – the drivers keep the car balanced on two wheels, while passengers get up to all sorts of manipulation – climb to the roof or even change on the fly hanging in the air the wheels.

Other members of the dangerous maneuvers are trying to get their kicks by lying on the asphalt in the road and allowing the car to zip past in a few inches.

To climb on two wheels, drivers use a special platform. And then they have to rely on their own skills to the entertainment did not end tragically for either someone on the roof, or for someone who is on the road.


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