Extraterrestrial life forms are very similar with the people living on our planet.

The assertion of modern scholars, in outer space lives of at least nine different civilizations. To such an unusual conclusion experts came after a series of complex research laboratory of the plan, establishing that the alien life form much similar to human. Although it has a completely different level of development, experts said at a press conference.

Currently, scientists have developed several hypotheses concerning extraterrestrial civilizations, prevailing and developing inside of outer space. Now a group of scientists have one thing in common the view that in the immense space of the universe is inhabited by a large number of different civilizations from approximately the same level of development.

Moreover, scientists managed to establish that each of them discovered forms of life, has a high activity, due to the twenty amino acids. However, on other planetary objects life much different from earthly practice, but that's a different story.

Source: globalscience.ru


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