A special program Philips brings lighting to a remote Vietnamese village

For most people who do not have access to electricity, the day ends when the sun sets. But Philips aims to slowly change that through their light program. Through it, employees first appointed to the community by selecting it on the map of the world that desperately need light and then vote for the most worthy. Once the communities are determined, the staff set energy saving solar lights for homes and roads. The village is "tan San" (Thanh Son), Vietnam is one of the first communities that got the technology to change the life of Philips, in the future, projects will be implemented in 17 countries in the coming months.

The village of Thanh Son is located in a remote rural area about 70 kilometers from Hanoi. During 30 years of active village life in the community ends immediately after sunset. But now a team of Philips employees has installed energy-saving led, powered by sun, the lighting in 180 households off-grid and introduced Board led and compact fluorescent lamps are another 108 households where the electricity supply is intermittent. In addition, the company has provided the road lighting thanks to solar energy for a Playground at the village community center.

According to Nguyen Quang Thien (Nguyen Quang Tien), head of the Thanh Son, the village has a limitation associated with electricity and its connection to the main supply will be a major task. At the national level, approximately four percent of Vietnamese households remain without electricity. But Vietnam has excellent prospects for use of solar energy, with an average of 5kWh per square meter per day. A total of 928 lamps were installed in households, the community centre and kindergarten in the village, to improve safety and reliability.

Le Viet hung (Le Viet Hung), marketing Manager, "Philips Lighting Vietnam", which proposed the project and worked with a team of nine people who have installed lighting said, "the candles and kerosene lamps were removed and the smiles on people's faces speak for themselves. Children can play and learn in the evening and village life has flourished, is no more a deterrent in view of the setting sun". Our technology not only improved their lives but ours, showing that our innovations are lighting really matter. It makes me feel good." The company has received over 200 project proposals from its employees, and thousands of employees have voted in a programme of employee engagement.

Source: eco-portal.kz


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