Extraordinarily beautiful transparent butterfly Greta Oto

Extraordinarily beautiful butterfly with transparent wings and a beautiful name Greta OTO (Greta Oto) from the family of nymphalidae, chose the environment of the forest in the Amazon and South America. Fewer this butterfly can be found in Mexico, Panama, and the highlands of Venezuela. It is called butterfly steklenica (glasswing).

Wingspan Greta OTO is only 5-6 inches. The enemies of this beauty is almost none. Birds and animals to say the least its simply disdain, as their clutch of eggs they lay on the poisonous plants of the genus cestrum (cestrum), which feeds on the caterpillar youngsters, absorbing all poisonous alkaloids and then storing these substances for a lifetime. By the way, and the appearance of the caterpillar speaks for itself, it is bright purple, alerting all the predators wanting to eat it, to touch it is not advisable and it is dangerous to life.

By the way, this transparent miracle butterfly delicate, not only externally but also very sensitive to the environment. For local ecologists, it is almost an indicator of the status of forests and the environment. As Greta OTO is found only in a perfectly clean, non-polluted areas. And if environmentalists see a decrease in the population of butterflies or even their disappearance, it means that there have been ecological changes, and it is time to sound the alarm.

Source: allfreefoto.ru


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