The funniest uniforms in the world

Over the military is not made to laugh, but now we have a little break this tradition. Going to any army of the world, people agree in advance to submit to the will of another. And along with the will of the designers who have come up with for this army such a strange shape.

It's strange, but often in the most ridiculous form of decorating soldiers guard of honor, which is guarded by very serious and even the Holy places. Here are the Greek Evzones marching at the tomb of the Unknown soldier in Athens. To laugh at the memory of the fallen can only be very cynical people. But not all tourists are able not to laugh at the sight of these guys in a completely clown robes and funny movements.


"Sunset ceremony" — is a complex highly artistic ritual, to the delight of tourists executable Pakistani and Indian border guards at a checkpoint in the city of Amritsar. Takes place daily before sunset. Something like our changing of the guard at the mausoleum, only funnier.

The name of the capital of côte d'ivoire — Abidjan– in the language of ebrie means "cut leaves." And they, in turn, symbolize the end of strife. However, the army, the country still is, and she's marching in the parade in front of the presidential Palace. Original colors allows soldiers to merge imperceptibly with the herd of zebras denim (if scientists ever withdraw such breed).

And look valiant soldiers dog trainers from the division C7 with their four-legged subordinates. Lebanese trained dogs will break anyone that gets in their way. But if no one will stand, they from sadness and lack of demand will break their own owners. Therefore, even at a military parade in Beirut all instructors dressed in special costumes proteosomal. Funny, but safe.

And this Indian border guards prancing on their smart camels in the heart of Delhi on the occasion of Republic Day. Of course, no one will ever know they border guards, including violators of the Indian border. They decide that the circus, and boldly goes to cross the border. Here is what they caught. Yay!

Dress uniform of the French army is not very funny parts, so designers urgently had to Supplement it here such berets. Now you don't know who is going — marine or cook. Especially if the cook is wearing military awards, will take your cooking machine and go to the parade in honor of Bastille Day.

You will not believe, but these barefoot poloviny-polojenii in torn skirts, too, of the honor guard. Moreover, they carry the memory watch at the tomb of the former President of Fiji, Ratu Kamisese Kapaiwai Tuimacilai Mar. But even this sad occasion has made them to change anything in her wardrobe. Well, at least wear mourning black skirts and no less than mourning black flip-flops.

It is unlikely that someone will turn the language to call Haiti peaceful country. Haitians will always find a pretext for armed conflict, so their military uniforms are usually dirty, camouflage and blood. But if you reach the parade, the Haitians do not indulge in jewelry. Not surprisingly, the officer looks like a Christmas tree.

Each day of the week in Thailand correspond to his own planet, their deity, animal deities and, most importantly, its color. And of course, every resident of Thailand knows the color corresponding to his birthday. And of course, he knows that a week has seven days. I am sure you know. So do not be surprised that in the photo of nine mixed military. Two superfluous.

Closet Royal guard of South Korea is similar to a military uniform, like a suit squirrels on the robe of Metropolitan. Nevertheless, these courageous and austere warriors belong to elite units and is able to solve the most complex combat missions. They just don't want to put it on display, so traditionally dress up in funny yellow robes, white pants and tall hats.

The berets we have evaluated, and now look at the sappers aprons French Foreign Legion. At the parade they carry no load, but under field conditions they can accommodate ammunition and tools. There are other options of military brats that consumer qualities of competing with webbed. In addition to the French, their use British paratroopers, Royal Marines, army South Africa, as well as mountain rifle parts of several countries.

Even the photographer, who shot the parade of the Iranian army in Tehran before the end was not sure whether the Iranian army in front of him. I agree, the Chinese Kalashnikov and green waste garment production is very difficult to determine not only the rank but also the branch. But camouflage in the form of rapid vegetation helps to detect Iranian soldier in the desert.

The Vatican has no army. Therefore, even such a sanctuary as the Pope, guards hired by the Swiss guard, founded already in the XVI century. As the guards Catholics once read fashion magazines army, their form, designed by Michelangelo, has not changed for 400 years.

Lest you thought that the South Korean army is sad men in yellow coats, we decided to show more and frogmen. In honor of the parade they don't hide the face under the mask and even took out the mouth of the tube. Difficult not to tread on each other on the fins.


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