Tesla Model III competitor for the BMW 3

Eighteen million four hundred twenty two thousand one hundred thirty seven

Tesla Motors company first announced the market launch in 2017 of a new model at a price of $35000. Relatively cheap electric car will become attractive buy for those who prefer a class cars, the BMW 3.

New model owner and brand founder Elon Musk wanted to call the Model E, as a continuation of tradition. Tesla already produces the Model S and is working on off-road electric vehicle, the Model X. But plans Mask Ford intervened and objected to the letter E in court. As a result, the billionaire called requirements Ford madness and even jokingly accused the competitor that he tries to deprive him of sex, crossing out of the range of models E. buck But in the end not to sue, Tesla chose a new name for the Model III.

Troika in the title reflects the fact that the new electric vehicle is the third generation of Tesla. You can add that is a modest hint admirers of BMW 3, like, now and the States have their own three. In addition, the letter E in the label's signature logo Tesla looks like rotated 90 degrees, Roman numeral III, while Arab 3 similar to the reflection of the letter E. Now, obviously, the Mask will write the word "sex" as "SIIIX".

About the characteristics of new electric vehicle there really is not known. However, stated that he would be able to travel on a single charge, at least no less distance than today's market leader in the Model S. the Range of autonomy's reaches 208 mph (333 km), but the leader is twice as expensive, prices start at $70000.

Tesla explains a lower price because its new mega plant will be churning out batteries that attract most of the costs of establishing electric cars like hot cakes and even provide them to all comers. If all goes according to plan, the battery plant worth $5 billion will be able to significantly reduce production costs, the cost of batteries and electric vehicles.

If an electric car with a claimed mileage and price went on sale today, it would mean the collapse of the market. Closer to Model III in size and approaching the task force recently presented the BMW i3, but the price is "behi" about $40000 and mileage on a single charge half as much.

Analysts say the run without recharging for 100 miles (160 km), the minimum threshold, not breaking that electric cars can't count on a significant increase in sales.

Really today only two companies are able to offer buyers a model with the range of mobility of more than 100 miles. This Tesla Model S and Mercedes SLS AMG. However, the latter is much inferior to the Model S in run (160 mph, 256 km) and four times greater than the cost.

on International Business Times

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