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On the border of Argentina and Chile, close to the Chilean town Kil-Chico, is one of the deepest lakes in the world — Lago General Carrera (Chilean name) or Lago Buenos Aires (Argentine name). Both names are recognized worldwide and are the official. The area of glacial lake located in the embrace of the Patagonian Andes, is 1850 km2 and a maximum depth of 586 m. the Pond is famous in the world of unique Marble Cathedral (Marble Cathedral or Las Cavernas de Marmol), which is a beautiful maze of geological formations — the Marble caves. They are located on a limestone Peninsula near the center of lake General Carrera on the Chilean side.

According to scientists, the unusual formations, presented in the form of numerous tunnels and pillars, formed due to the impact of waves over the last 6200 years. In fact, the walls of the cave maze are not made of marble, and of limestone. However, the range of colors of the numerous caves of all shapes and sizes, penetrating the rock of the Peninsula, dominated by bluish hues that appear quite impressive in the turquoise waters of Alpine lakes. There is evidence that some caves, far from human eyes, still consist of natural marble, but these underwater deposits still nobody managed to reach.

The most famous and popular among tourists education — the Marble Cathedral, Marble cave and the Marble chapel. All three of the grotto are part of the Peninsula, and was formerly covered by water mass. The glacier that filled the lake, eventually melted, causing the water level dropped significantly, opening the world of marble maze.

Unearthly landscapes attract Marble caves in Chile Chico, a huge number of tourists wishing to see the beautiful creation of nature. In the city are organized tours: small boats or kayaks to ply the Marble Cathedral of which come under the azure arches of the spacious caves of ornate maze. There, inside the caves, tourists are in close proximity to admire the fascinating play of colors, look at one of the natural Windows looking into the secret corners of the Marble caves, where the man, much less a boat, to get simply unrealistic.

To poisoned on a walk around the lake, you need to wait for good weather and complete calm, only then the journey will be the most safe and bring maximum pleasure.

Lago General Carrera is famous not only for its Marble caves — water lake rich in fish, including trout and salmon, so that all connoisseurs and lovers of fishing will have a great time here.

Today there is a threat of flooding of the Marble Cathedral, the reason for this is the construction of five large dams near the lake.

To reach the famous Chilean landmarks, you first need to cover a distance of 1300 km, which lies between the capital of Chile, Santiago, and the nearest large city, Coyhaique. Next comes the path to the South side with a length of 300 km, whose ultimate goal will be the Marble caves. From the nearest town, to get to the lake is best in a rented SUV, on which it is possible to explore not only the caves but also the rich nature of South America.

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