Motherboard – causes of breakdowns

Often there are cases when the motherboard fails. Each user of the personal computer understands that such an important part of the system unit is quite expensive, so its failure is best avoided. But how to do it?

A question many users usually asked for after the failure of the motherboard. But it is on such reasons of failure always remember. After all, the precaution in this case, it never hurts, especially when it comes to the motherboard.


Before we talk about any causes of the failure of the motherboards need to understand that they are divided into two main categories. One category of damage is the fault of the user, and the other is at fault "external" circumstances beyond the control of the user.

In some cases the motherboard will be cheaper to buy new than to repair, because the repair of such components as the motherboard is not simple and requires a lot of cost and effort, and subsequently a considerable amount of user costs. Motherboard of high quality. Often the fault of users experiencing breakdowns involving mechanical damage.

To mechanical damage of the motherboard include:

— breakage of connectors
— jumped a screwdriver
simple carelessness
short bus because of improper use of PC

By "external" reasons include poor nutrition and overheating and partial malfunction of the Board. It is worth emphasizing that often the failure PCI card caused due to miscalculations in the process of designing. Also, the cause may be the use of substandard electronic components.



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