American scientists invented a dry alcohol

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American scientists have invented a new product called alcohol. It's alcohol powder may be added in various drinks and food. The idea belongs to Mark Phillips. At one point he got tired to carry heavy bottles on Hiking trips. So the idea arose to create an instant alcohol: opened the package, put the powder in the water and the hour relaxed.

To create alkogolya mark been looking for at black markets something similar, but searches have not given result. He decided to create his own. It took several years of collaboration with scientists. Had to conduct many experiments. And finally, the result gave the results. So there was alcohol powder. Judge for yourself: it is very convenient – one packet of alcohole weighs approximately 30 grams and fit in the pocket. Private company "Lipsmark" produces this alcoholic powder.

Alcohol, currently has six flavors: four cocktail and two standard. Standard taste of alcohole — "V" version is made of premium grade vodka, it is distilled four times, and version "R" of Puerto Rican rum first grade. Cocktail versions have 4 flavors: lemon, Mojito, cosmopolitan and poderia (to taste very similar to a Margarita).

While alcohol not for sale. The products recently passed all levels of certification and, surprisingly, has received approval for sale in the USA. Honestly, for the manufacturer it was a surprise. They didn't expect alcohol get the approval. Today it can only be purchased via the Internet and have the right to it only persons over 18 years of age.

Here is how it is recommended to combine: — for grilled meats perfect rum;

vodka goes well with eggs;

— cosmopolitan complements salads;

The creators remind you that the powder you want to add to the already prepared dish, otherwise the effect will be.

Reading comments on websites, it can be concluded that there are consumers who prefer to use alcoholic powder for its intended purpose, i.e. to sniff. Product manufacturers are assured of experimenters not to do, the consequences promise to be very enjoyable. If it is correct to use a new product, the consumer will be satisfied with the effect produced, at least, say the creators.




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