New York school №244 — first , fully converted to vegetarian cuisine

Three years ago, the school Director Bob groff noticed that most students bring a vegetarian Breakfast with him. Then the school introduced the experiment with a gradual introduction of vegetarian meals that were available along with meat dishes. Vegetarian option students can choose the first three, and then four days a week.

Most of the students of this school from Asian countries where vegetarianism is very developed, so the experiment met no resistance from parents.

Now the school menu made completely vegetarian. It includes basic cereals, fruits and vegetables, and legumes and greens.

Students were enthusiastic about the new introduction into the school diet. One of the most popular dishes among children now black beans with cheese and baked potatoes.

The school enrolls approximately 400 children from pre-school groups up to the third grade. The basic principles of the school state that a healthy lifestyle leads to strong academic achievement.

"We chose a future where health and nutrition will be part of the entire educational process of the child," says principal Bob groff.

The Director says that he is very proud of his establishment on a vegetarian diet. If the experiment gives a positive result, it is planned to translate into vegetarian dishes eight new York schools.


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