The supersonic Tu-244 back

In the near future, Russia may again return to the skies supersonic passenger airliners, and an excellent tool for this is a continuation of work on the eventual establishment of the developed during the Soviet era jet supersonic Tu-244. According to the most conservative official statements, the Tu-244 is likely to be commissioned in 2025, that is, just 10 years old. Of course, as expected, its appearance will differ slightly from the development of Soviet aircraft builders, but in general, the air car will remain so, as was intended.
Jet supersonic Tu-244 will have four turbofan engines, which allow to raise the airplane to an altitude of 20,000 meters, which will significantly relieve the currently used areas. However, along with this comes the need for a long runway, but this task is quite feasible and relatively inexpensive, especially since a number of airports can already take such aviasudna.

Technical characteristics of the supersonic aircraft are also very modern, but more work was done back in 1971. Estimated speed of the aircraft should reach 2175 km / h, but not ruled out the possibility that it will be increased to 2500 km / h. The estimated number of passengers that can be taken on board an aircraft is about 300 people, which is, in principle, corresponds to the modern trends of civil aviation. Jet supersonic Tu-244 will have a huge size - its length will be about 88 meters, wingspan - 45 meters and a height of about 15 meters. However, to date aircraft engineers solved two very important tasks that really make the aircraft a truly modern:
The increase in flight range, as Soviet engineers decided that a flight to 9200 km is good, but in reality, it is very small;
Reduced fuel consumption of the aircraft, as we recall, precisely because of this reason, the whole world abandoned the use of jet airliners.

If the first problem can be solved relatively easily, here is the second may have a number of difficulties. However, work on this project underway, and it is possible that in the near future, we will be able to see the supersonic passenger aircraft Tu-244 in the sky.
The benefits of using supersonic jet airliners are indisputable:
Flights between regions, countries and continents will be as quickly and comfortably as the passengers will be able to reach the point of his appointment three or more times faster;
In view of the large-capacity aircraft, several will be able to reduce the cost of air travel itself;
Increase ease of maintenance of the aircraft, as a single large aircraft will be serviced much faster than the two small aircraft.



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