The most dangerous roads to school on the planet

Here come the first autumn days, children in many countries at this time of the year is the first time, and someone and continues their studies in school. And this habitual and familiar to all of us the phrase "the first of September — day of knowledge". But there is in our land and the places where education is a luxury. And not because there are no schools and teachers, just to get to them the students just is not no way. Small settlements, hamlets and villages located in unfavorable natural areas, where children have to overcome just incredible routes full of danger. And the list of such places in our land is incredibly high. There are some areas where children on the way to and from school, spend a lot of time and effort, and that luxury car is here, just never dreamed of.

In some areas there are simply no bridges and across the river the children move to the outboard, rope crossing, where instead of the wooden floor remained rotten and dilapidated boards. For example, in Indonesian Sumatra, children in addition to this ill-fated bridge still need to go 11 kilometers through the jungle. And here's the "path of knowledge" lasts for more than two years, as the main suspension bridge washed away torrential rains.

A look at Chinese schoolchildren from the village Gangwan Guizhou province is truly frightening. After all, they have very little to overcome the way to the local school along a narrow, sometimes reaching only half a meter wide trail, through passes and tunnels, tight back against the stone wall. The road is not adapted to move the people, and especially children. This incredible route was built over forty years ago, and its practical purpose was as an irrigation ditch. But another way to school takes more than two hours. One small consolation for parents is that this entire journey takes place under the supervision of an experienced teacher, and for children this way has become habitual. Here they have to choose this, though dangerous, but shorter path.

And it's not all adventures to be overcome by the students to reach their schools. View a few extreme photos where the courage of the younger generation can certainly say, the thirst for knowledge is simply irresistible.




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