Engineers have developed a robotic arm for deep-sea surveys


A group of German engineers developed the three-finger robotic hand able to work at great depths.

Visibility under water is deteriorating due to impurities and deposits, which makes it problematic to repair deep-sea oil and gas wells. The team under the leadership of Achint Aggarwal German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (Bremen) has created a device that can be attached to underwater devices. Built-in sensors track changes in pressure, movement and texture, three-finger when the hand explores an object.

Software using the readings from the sensors, and creates a digital map of the object and does substantiate the assumption that it can be. Engineers have already tested the device at a pressure equivalent to a depth of six kilometers. Arm has defined the chess pieces, toys and proved to be accurate in 90 percent of cases.Expert Nuytco Research, who was not involved in the development, Dennis Schweers praised the release: "They developed technology that is able to work under pressure. I am very impressed."published



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