6 unusual offices for nature lovers

Natural light, greenery, and wildlife watching not only have a positive effect on the human psyche, but also increase its efficiency. This was guided by the company that created space, where the line between nature and the work space is minimized.

1. Office in the woods

This quaint office is owned architectural firm Invisible Studio. It is designed with a minimum number of drawings and sketches, and its construction was attended by employees and their friends and neighbors (of course, the work was fully paid). Trees for the construction of building was taken from the surrounding forests to reduce costs. Since the construction process is assumed random discoveries and solving problems on-the-go, all mistakes made by an Amateur team of builders remained in the final version of the building.

2. Office in the form of a glass pipe

The office of the architecture firm Selgas Cano is located in the outskirts of Madrid and in the form similar to a wind tunnel. One wall and ceiling is made of glass that gives a great overview of the surrounding nature and natural light in the workspace. Moreover, the building is half buried in the ground — this ensures normal temperature in the office, even in the hot Spanish summer. Also in the underground part are all communications and Sewerage.

3. Mikroofis

Company Pod Space specializiruetsya on the development of a variety of workspaces, from small to quite large. One of her projects is mikroofis that can be placed in any garden and create a quiet and comfortable workplace outside the home. Two Windows and a glass door provide natural light during the day, for the night is inbuilt. For only $ 20,000 you will get a house in an area of about 5 sq. m. with a table, a few drawers and shelves — we agree, a little expensive.

4. Spaskov

Another miniofis that can be put outside the home: it is assumed that it will use freelancers who wish to separate work and personal space in the literal sense of the word. Inside the cube there is a table and a few boxes with shelves, and two sides of the house, made of glass, you can close the wooden blind is supplied. All materials are extremely eco-friendly and recyclable — however, while this structure has not yet entered serial production.

5. Hospital in the woods

It is believed that the nature and fresh air help in the healing process. Hence the construction of the rehabilitation center Groot Klimmendaal in the forests of Eastern Holland. Bronze color buildings and glass walls help the building fit into the landscape, while inside the impression that the trees grow inside the rooms. The three-storey building houses a clinic, a gym, swimming pool, restaurant and even a theater — they are not only patients, but also local residents.

6. Round the office

Another mikroofis from the British landscape designers Ornate Garden can be both a work space and a place to stay or meals. In a small sphere with a diameter of only 2.5 meters there is a circular bench and table, which when folded turns into a comfortable bed. Glass coated with UV protection, and the house you need to rotate around its axis. Great multifunctional toy (if you wish you can set even solar panels) — and by the way, cheaper mikroofis from Pod Space.

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