9 the most pleasant sounds to the human

Did You know that the sound can change your mood for the day? To take advantage of this remarkable property of sounds, you need to know the most bewitching of them. About this we you and tell you about the 9 most pleasant sounds to the human ear.

No. 9. The patter of rain on the roof of the single tents

Duration: Long
Good that the rain does not end immediately and we can enjoy a tap. Tenth place deservedly took the forest camping.

No. 8. The crunch of snow

Duration: Usually less than a minute
To find trampled and fresh, crisp snow in the city is quite easy, but when it fails – it's time to relax, especially good for romantic dates. Of course, better to walk in the snow at night so you can hear the crunch much better. Slightly saddened by the fact that winter is only once a year, but in the summer there is something to listen to.

No. 7. Surf

Duration: Indefinitely
Lucky for those who live in the city by the sea. Residents of these cities spend so much time in summer and winter. The sound of the surf lasts forever, and you could listen to it forever, if time allowed.

No. 6. Crackling logs

Duration: Several hours
But you can combine. Spend an evening by the sea, ignite the fire and then you can enjoy the surf and the sound of crackling logs. However, this is just a summer fling, but it leaves so strong impression that they are enough for the whole year.

No. 5. The murmur of the brook

Duration: Indefinitely
In town to catch fun with the sounds of the babbling brook hard. Perhaps, many urban residents do not hear that sound ever, so for them there is a great reason to go on vacation somewhere in the nature.

No. 4. Laughter

Duration: Few seconds
Laughter prolongs life, and with it, creates a joyful mood and not only the one who laughs, and everyone else who was enjoying the mood.

No. 3. Rain fills the trough

Duration: Several hours
And again the sound of falling rain, but this time in a different context. In the Internet you can find a lot of creative works related to this situation, that suggests that the rain creates a romantic mood.

No. 2. Cat purring

Duration: Minutes
Cats are cute and furry creatures, this is especially proved by the fact that almost every girl at least once, but will consider himself a cat. According to polls, purring cats took third place.

No. 1. Birds singing in the morning

Duration: 10 minutes
One of the most pleasant of alarm clocks, right? But if in the morning when you Wake up next to you and purring kitty is just heavenly delight.

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