The principle of "three no" to save vitality

The main idea of the practices are summarized below — to save vitality, precious energy and their time.

All three methods are well known and lie on the surface, but it is not easy to find someone who fulfills them. Not-doing, non-involvement and non-wastefulness are changing the conventional approach to their own lives, pursuits and way of thinking.

Non-delineato of what we do, do we really need? It helps to find out analysis of how we spend our free time. When urgent business is finished, what happens? Are we searching for news on the Internet or social networks? Throughout the day we continue to procrastinate in the mind of past and future business, meeting, care — as long as there is a new case that requires our attention?

Practice not-doing lies in the lack of action when they are not required. Unaccustomed to the thought that time must be filled, we empty ourselves for the present relaxation and rid of the hustle and bustle.

Of course, the rest can and should be reading a book, exercising or other practices, communication with loved ones, playing a musical instrument or something else. But it can also be a non-doing. You can lie down, thinking about nothing, with music or in silence. Walk in the Park or the city without purpose and direction. Look at the sky, fire or water without domestic sense. Practice relaxes, reboots the brain, prevent nervous breakdowns because of the "overheated" of the mind. The practice brings together better than any words. Rest no less meaningful than any activity.

The main objective of the practice of not-doing — come to the state of mind where we don't need any kind of "junk", devoid of urgent need activities in order to find a sense of meaningfulness of lived time. Not-doing unnecessary actions (including thoughts) allows you to make real, conscious actions effectively and efficiently, Ottocento, with a fresh mind and consciousness.

Non-prichastnosti many people, news sites, forums, and political discussion was replaced with a wife, a mistress and even stamp collecting. And it's not in the growth of social consciousness, and in need to feel their involvement. You need to determine for yourself where "your", and where "strangers". Against "strangers" to fight "their" support. On the Internet, where in General pass the information war, it becomes an obsession for thousands of people.

Not enough to choose a path, you need to announce it to the world, especially the enemies. To swear at their opponents, compelling arguments in favor of his innocence and achieve complete victory. To publish in his profile opponents incriminating videos and links. Revolutionaries, Putinists, monarchists, MacOS users, liberals and conservatives, vegetarians, Westerners and Slavophiles is not enough just to profess your views, but be sure to relate themselves to subcultural groups, opposing themselves to the rest, to feel own importance.

Why is that? Who and what are we proving? During the strong negative emotions we irretrievably lose the energy needed life force, giving her thereby to strangers who desperately want to convince.

Practice non-involvement is not to engage in conflict and obviously futile debate in which each opponent is beating your head on a steady picture of the world of the other. More advanced level is when we are not aligned to any social or subcultural group, remaining an independent person with their own, not the group, values and priorities.

Non-rascacielos childhood I didn't like the stories about the Japanese samurai. They are just that, finishing with life, and completely stupid reasons — one touched the sword the door jamb of his shogun, the other stained the front armor in bird faeces. For us Europeans, ridiculous and stupid. But I do not understand another — why the samurai were instructed to think about death every day and every minute. Perhaps then they, in a fit of depression, and committed ritual suicide.

Just this last moment over time turned to me the other side. Regardless of religious belief (and especially in their absence) one of the most essential practices is a constant feeling of his own death, behind the shoulder. In fact, another life will not be another the same minute, too, will not be repeated. We should realize this and no longer want to live in the future or the past, wasting energy on an empty purposeless dispute or doubt, upset over nothing, and play the transaction game with the family. A false sense of their own immortality devalues life time.

The opposite is true: awareness and acceptance of his own mortality gives the joy of life here and now. This slogan is beaten, but not so simple to implement. Practice non-wastefulness is sparing, even greedy attitude at the time. Try to constantly live the current moment and to find joy in it.

Lose — try again. The world around, and especially time takes on new value, new color. And because death is inevitable, life becomes a lot stronger and more enjoyable.

Author Andrew Korobchinsky

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