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Elegant Christmas tree became a symbol of the New Year. In the early Celts considered the abode of spruce forest spirit, demanding blood sacrifices - internal people and animals that druids regularly hung on the branches of a tree.
When the stronger, the Christian Church forbade sacrifice the peoples of Europe have replaced the internal organs of balls made of wood, which later became the glass, and colon - rag and paper garlands. And here she is, dressed, on the feast came to us ...


With regard Kind Santa Claus and his Western counterpart of Santa Claus, they are descended from the ancient Celtic deities and evil, the Grand Old Man of the North, the master of the ice cold and blizzards.
He also went home with a canvas bag, but not handing out gifts, and collected sacrifice that he shortchanged during the year. The visit of an old man with a bag does not bode well: as a rule, after he left the house were only icy corpses ...


In order to protect the village from the terrible visit, druids brought fierce deity total sacrifice - in the cold stripped and tied to a tree young virgin. It was her frozen, covered with frost corpse and became the prototype of fun Maiden accompanying Santa Claus ...


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