School disaccustoms love reading ?

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Library reading room "of the Technical University of Graz", Austria. At this University he studied the famous engineer, physicist and inventor in the field of electrical and radio engineering — Nikola Tesla
Photo: Dr. Marcus Gossler, 2003

Why not month old baby to feed the soup and meatballs? Why children can't drink alcohol? It has something to do with the fact that their bodies are physiologically not ready for this? Logical. Then with a fright someone once decided that by a certain age ripen to read a particular book? He is ready to understand what the author says? Why literature lessons of children are stuffed with reading, not understanding, he is ready to "digest" that is incorporated in the school curriculum or not? Does not happen standard people. It seems to me that literature lessons should take place otherwise. Most proper (in my opinion) option — just to talk about what they read.

I always loved to read. And one day, I bought a book on literary criticism. I thought I'd delve into the topic. Phew! What a disgrace it was written. Ever since I rooted in the opinion that literary criticism is not normal. It's like that man, seeing a beautiful girl, suddenly lit up with the thought: "Oh my God! What a beauty! You need to make her an autopsy!" I had a wonderful teacher of literature. She said: "Write compositions about any book you read, what do you like about this work, what it taught you. And I will pretend that you wrote about "War and peace". Once it is replaced by another teacher. He began tedious to dissect a piece of work. It was awful. Was beautiful facade of the house came and someone began to cut facing brick, muttering, "Look, here plaster, now knock it around and look at the bricks." In General, what is the meaning of this science? Pathologists dissected corpses and it propels medicine forward. But not many writers have done literary institutions. Frankly, Homer actually did not graduate from the Institute. And suddenly I was a literary critic. And Lermontov. And Bulgakov and Chekhov — all the doctors.

To fascinate the child reading? To instill in him a love of books? It is not the task of the school. I'm really bad idea, as is the process of formation now, but I saw a couple of questions on the exam — there was a need to give the name of the character "Dead souls". Gogol could in a coffin with electricity by rotation, if I knew that now the most important thing in his work. And Yes, about paper books. In the words of Professor Preobrazhensky: "the Cold appetizers and soup snack only nedorezanny Bolsheviks landlords. A little bit self-respecting man operates a hot snack". And here. there are paper books some its aesthetics. The difference with e-book exactly the same as a family dinner eaten on the run with a Burger. This is my opinion, not necessary to argue. I am an artist, I see! Although the us is a generation for which this aesthetics is already alien.

Just recently I read how one of our Minister lamented that the youth read little. So, we unlearn from school to love to read. But we, despite everything, still read. Someone in the comments to the previous post he said he reads Vladimir Pozner "Parting with illusions". And I'm just now reading the same. And my favorite poem by Alexander Pushkin:

From Pindemonti

Not expensive, I appreciate loud right,
From whom no one dizzy.
I do not complain that the gods refused
Me in a sweet fate to dispute taxes
Or interfere with the kings with each other to fight;
And a little grief to me freely print
Fools boobies, Il sensitive censorship
The magazine designs restrict Joker.
All of this, see eh, words, words, words.
Other, better rights are dear to me;
Different best needs me freedom:
Depend on the king depend on people —
Do we care? God is with them.
Report do not give, only myself
To serve and please; for power, for livery
Do not bend no conscience, no thoughts, no neck;
At the whim of his wandering here and there
Wondering divine nature beauty,
And before creations of art and inspiration
Fluttering happily in ecstasies of emotion.
— That's happiness! that's right...



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