Practice Sokushinbutsu – a special procedure of preparation for the death of Japanese monks

More than a thousand years ago, a Japanese monk named Kukai decided to show an example of self-denial and dedication to God, turning yourself into a mummy. So there was a practice called “sokushinbutsu” – the particular long procedure of preparation for death “without corruption.” If successful, the resulting mummy with military honors, were placed in the temple, for honoring other believers.

Sam Kukai (774 – 835 ad) was a Japanese monk, official, scientist, poet, artist and founder of an esoteric sect known as “Shingon-Shu”, combining elements of Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism and other religions. Towards the end of his life, Kukai went into a state of deep meditation and refused food and water, which in the end led to his voluntary death. His body was buried on the mount of coyah. Some time later the tomb was opened and Kukai were found in a state similar to sleep, his body has not changed, and the hair healthy and strong.

The process of turning yourself into a mummy quite long – it takes more than two thousand days (i.e., about 5.5 years).

The first step is to rid the body of fat. For this Buddhist, who decided to be mummified, sits on a diet consisting only of nuts and seeds, and sitting on it for a thousand days.

The next task is to drive out as much as possible of water. And since the body consists mostly of fluid, at this stage, there is a serious discomfort. During this period, the monk allows himself to chew a bit of bark and pine roots. So it takes another one thousand days.

Then drink a special, highly poisonous tea made from SAP of the lacquer tree (company Pilot used the juice for the production of a unique ink; approx.

If the tea causes diarrhea and vomiting, then everything goes according to plan. So leaves the body more liquid, but that for the future the mummy is much more important, the SAP of the lacquer tree permeates the inside as it "cements them" and protects against the formation of any larvae.

And the final stage is still live, but already quite the mummy sits in the Lotus position in a tiny room with stone walls, where it is sealed. All. It remains to meditate and wait for death.

Buddhists believe that if we completely abandon the physical world and to achieve enlightenment in the next life instead of born anew, you can go straight to Buddhahood.



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