Stunning porcelain sculptures from Nuala O'donovan

Stunning sculpture from an Irish artist.

Talented artist from Ireland decided to repeat his work in fractal patterns and designs, ubiquitous in natural phenomena and in living organisms. Collection of amazing porcelain sculptures is a direct confirmation that the attempt failed.



Amazing sculptures from nual O'donovan (O'donovan June).



Sculpture, repeating the patterns of coral.



The work of a talented Irish artist.

The nual O'donovan (O'donovan Ino) is a talented Irish artist, became the author of the amazing art project, namely the amazing collection of complex porcelain sculptures. Based on the naturally occurring in the world around us fractal patterns, nual made a courageous attempt to combine forms and shapes of corals, pine cones, teasel flowers, and other objects of animate and inanimate nature in a series of graceful, decorative figures. All instances of the impressive collection is made from porcelain. In his work the artist tried to reflect not only the strict sequence of complex natural patterns, but their shortcomings in the form of rare disorders structure. Sculpture Noily incredibly believable. Long their study unwittingly the impression that the pieces move, grow and live their lives.



Unique porcelain sculpture from nual O'donovan (O'donovan June).



Complex porcelain pieces from the nual O'donovan (O'donovan June). published




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