Creative approach of our children towards learning and life

Children creative approach to everything — notes, pictures, homework. They can easily get new letters and words themselves appear original solutions to problems, but the main thing — they are still looking at the world is incredibly simple:

Try Santa Claus!

Know ours!

And sorry, about the Pope it would be interesting to read.

The child is always creatively approach to solving problems.

And find a way out of any situation.

Well, almost any.

The child will always help your neighbor.

An essay in the style of a Thriller.

They are easy to form as many new words.

And translate anything into a rhyme.

But sometimes I can't handle feelings.

Child will help to inscribe itself in the passport.

And take notes the whole course of literature.

Child can find fun in the small.

It is easy to find x or y.

Know where people live. Anglichanina standing ovation.

And I know that people often scold everyone.

Easy to work on the model.

But sometimes a little beyond the school framework.

Children always cheer favorite teacher.



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