Dmitry Shamenkov Innovative ways of achieving goals

Wonderful lecture by Dmitri Shamenkova. We can say that this is the interpretation of the concept of Advaita from a scientific point of view, the translation of Eastern teachings in a more close to us the conceptual area. The lecture discusses the purpose of human life, the sources of his happiness, mistakes and errors on the way.

Source of life (energy) humans are superior systems that are initially beyond his experience. The reason for the matter as a whole is consciousness. Therefore, the condition of alienation, of separation from the world is an illusion. As soon as one begins to see the source of his satisfaction in the external world, not in his mind, he invariably falls into the illusion, losing the understanding that he is part of the whole, and the feeling of the source of their energy (the higher parts of the system). In this case, there is a distortion of the transferred person information that directly affects reality.

Becoming internally miserable person with their own thoughts creates a worst fate. But in the end, it defines the purpose to which it is a man. Shamenkov offers to maintain internal and external integrity (not to distort transmitted to the world of information), expanding relationships with the world around you and also periodically to practice staying in the silence (meditation).



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