Decorate the flower pot with colored glass


Flowers are in almost every home. But to find beautiful original pot for flower is not so simple. Decorator Marat Ka will show how out of the ordinary pot to make a work of art.

To decorate the flower pot you will need a not many items. The main thing that was the pot! And yet: clear glass, gold leaf, paint and faux pearls.

First you need to prepare the glass, it means it must be washed in a special solution. Add in hot water a little baking soda and carefully with a sponge to wash the glass to Shine.

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Wipe glass to Shine with the help of baking soda.

Then in a small container, pour a little vegetable oil, and gently with a glass cutter to cut glass into squares. Do not worry if you do not get the beautiful straight lines, according to our decorator, they are completely innocent. After all, we must make mosaics, as it is known, is not the same.

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Glass cut into small squares to make a mosaic.

Once the mosaic is finished, go to the fun – painting the glass. But before that, need to degrease the glass with fire. Then, on a piece of glass apply gold leaf, and the other is a special paint. It can be any color, it all depends on your preference and color the main interior.
All this magnificence should be dry, so it is advisable to put this all in the oven for a few minutes.

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Apply to glass gold leaf or paint. So all that remains is the best of all – decorating the pot. Using a special hot glue, apply the colored pieces in the pot and decorate according to your taste. In the end, you will receive an incredibly beautiful accessory to apartment.



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