10 ways to turn ordinary plastic bottle in design flower pot


All of us at home have plants. Sometimes there comes a time when they need somewhere to turn over. To resolve this issue, do not necessarily go to the store. You can choose from the usual plastic bottles to create an exclusive pot, when you look at that will inevitably go up the mood.

< Website in the guide took pictures with which anyone will be able to make an unusual capacity for their flowers .

Dressed thread e30516cd50.jpg

Using this step by step instructions, Build out the benefit of not only the unnecessary bottle, but a stray thread for knitting.

Hanging flower pot bde407224f.jpg

For information on how to make a pot that can be hung not only in the room, read here.

Bear and bunny e91620b1ec.jpg

If you love to paint, there is a guide just for you.

There the technique of "decoupage" bc10af3bfd.jpg

How to paste over a plastic bottle with a cloth that got this beauty, read here.

There antique style fe73588b26.jpg

Here it is shown how to use plastic bottles and CDs to bring the interior of a piece of ancient Greece.
Chudik d801debba7.jpg

Children will appreciate exactly this cheerful pot, and maybe in the process of creating a wish to participate!

Mumps 51ebe328af.jpg

Very cute piglet succeed if you follow these instructions.

Floral curtain 52af37d618.jpg

Who said that the pot can only be done from the bottom? That option, as do greenhouse suspension from the top of the bottles.

Vertical garden 67e513fbf6.jpg

Read more about the new look at the flower bed in front of the house -. Here

cheerful crowd e680432131.jpg

For information on how to make this group of bottles of detergent, told here.

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