About critical ages, How to prepare properly and how to live

Eighty five million two hundred thirty two thousand three hundred eleven

"If I knew where to fall, straw podstelil...", "expensive egg to the day of Christ...". Or here's another: "the Road spoon for lunch." All these and many others are the different Proverbs and sayings, in fact, is about the same: all should be done in time. Folk wisdom, as always, right! In our life everything is so planned and programmed that the extra time just yet. Man is a product of nature, maturing very slowly. From the point of view of science, which deals with our Institute, it is up to 49 years in a state of "spiritual embryo", which all this time preparing yourself for adulthood and rents, exams... For each of the 49 years he is given a "flight plan", which specifies what he must soon do. And at the end of that period — a tough test: it is performed or not. The school life of the 49 classes...

49 is seven times seven years separating the crisis (critical) ages. Of them, in fact, is the ladder of life: from step to step, forward and upward, to the top!

Alas, it turns out not at all. Sorry for such an example — but if you walk through the cemetery and see the ages of those who lies there, we will see that, basically, it's "losers" that are incorrectly decided the proposed task, I failed "exam" and therefore expelled from school life. If we know what and how to do and do it – we "translate in the following class". It turns out that the Council to do everything in time — urgent need! As they say, forewarned is forearmed. Want to be high achievers in life — regularly "homework"! Solve their problems and get on with your life. But we gotta be honest. Student logic "twice a year the exams are, but let it care about Dean" in our case will not work. Have a real life other rules: the diploma will not buy a single exam will not pass. Then everyone has their own path, and each one, as they say in the East, touches the stones of his path.

If you know what you have, and from this position I evaluate everything that happens to you, do not suffer and do not worry unnecessarily in the crucial moments, keeping the philosophical mind and the ability to enjoy life.

Attention to the table!

Eighty four million eight hundred seventy five thousand one hundred twenty three

This matrix "7 on 7" I developed in 2001 and was very proud, having convinced in practice that it works. Until I realized visiting in India library of one Buddhist monastery that all invented long before me. However, I still came to the compilation of this table alone and even made a few improvements to it compared to the old. So, according to my data, after 49 years, the table changes dimensions and becomes three-dimensional — as the life of a person begin to manage additional new laws.

As for the underlying matrix of "7x7", then it is generated by the fundamental phenomenon that the human body has seven main chakras — energy functional centers. The leading chakra of the year (vertical columns) defines the job for the current year. The horizontal line is the leading chakra for the next seven years. Their intersection at a certain age brings to a person main objective, which need to be addressed at the appropriate level.

Thus, during the first year of life of the people working on your immune system; the second sex; in the third year of studies independently to ensure their own survival: he eats, he himself cleans...

To years the child is totally dependent on the mother and your first crisis of age is going through in the year when it is weaned from the breast. Then he comes out from under the protection of the mother becomes very vulnerable and particularly in need of careful attitude to all those around him. In three years, the growing spirit of man is connected to the body, and we suddenly notice developing personality. To their own child begins to pay attention to the Pope, who first perceived it as a sexual competitor, unexpectedly pereklyuchilsya on all the forces and emotions of his beloved wife. Dad suddenly realizes that very close growing up a very interesting creation with its own ideas about life!

To 5 years, the spirit is growing, and its owner begins to think — and often very original! In 7 years the little man finally manifests a sense of responsibility. Now he is ready for admission to school: his brain only this time gains the biological ability to perceive the studies. Geeks, as we know, there — but, alas, they usually do not justify the brilliant hopes which they lay in his youth. Something I do not remember a large number of famous politicians, scientists or diplomats, which grew from geeks. Why? Yes, because all you need to do on time. And the child, fully lived his childhood, should grow up in time! Do not try to steal from him the natural emotions, and experience a carefree life, which is absolutely necessary for the person in adulthood. It is on this Foundation he would build a full life!

7 years child with a "first floor" moves to "second": begins puberty (see table), which will last up to 14 years. In 9 years, he is beginning to have a profound effect the spirit of the opposite sex! (It is not excluded that in a former life he lived just in the body of the other sex — or how each of us are mixed so much from male and female?!)

Me, for example, women often feel a subtle nature that understands them. And it is a female spirit of my past life manifests itself through the current male body. If two spiritual beginning, men and women, coexist in the us on equal terms — only then it turns out balanced, harmonious and Mature personality with a happy ability to Express those qualities that are needed in the moment: the full men's, women's...

So, at the age of 9 is the approval of the current sex of the individual. The person receives a "Hello" from the old, deceased body in the form of inherited his soul. Many people, even quite normal, children begin to experience at this time, the terrible fear of death. Little says, but he often becomes the cause of children's neuroses. Guys are ashamed of it and trying to search for answers to the questions that plagued them, in different literature. By the way, here's this insatiable craving for "horror movies": the fear must spill, neutralize!..

Crisis 9 years of age, you can try to soften the right time and providing the person with useful information about the world order, to introduce him in a language he understands with the laws of evolution. And to explain that death in a particular way necessarily means birth in another... So you can release his emotions from the negative, to calm down and life will become lighter. Someone who understands the laws of the universe, can not be so easily disturbed or intimidated...

17 years - time requirements to ensure the growing needs at any cost: give money, superagency, supermobile!.. This is normal. Interest in obtaining funds appears only a year later, in 18. At this age we be WITHOUT smart fall in love, sometimes even attempting to create a family. Actually, "terrible" age, because at this time again recalls his former life of our spirit: now in the form of social lack of implementation of its previous medium. Throwing, ambitions, resentment... Well after all that "once in a lifetime happens..."!

The next critical age is 21 years and the completion of construction of the bodily frame from the bottom to the waist. That's it — the third, physical, chakra work gained momentum and began to breathe smoothly, powerfully!

Attention to the "Mohawk"!

Sixteen million eight hundred sixty eight thousand forty seven

We call this scheme. From birth to 21 years of human life develops in this way and gives such hard lessons, this time it is possible to describe so: "bitie determines consciousness"! Alas, a person under 21 years of age, you can talk about conscience, duty, decency: he will know these concepts, but will not be able to experience them. The period of spiritual self-discovery begins with 21 years and continues to 28 years. Biologically this is expressed in the activation of parietal areas of the brain. Person learns to think about their actions, analyze and evaluate them.

The first truly global crisis waiting for us in 28 years, when we first presented a serious account over the years. Three months before or three months after the 28th birthday is coming two weeks the band is truly unbearable life! The events unfold in the memory of the bright, sounding hurt and a sense of this is that your previous life is completely worthless. This serious "cleansing" before moving on to the next stage of life must be done very carefully to survive, not twitching and not nervous. The fact is that up to 28 years, all of us — children, from the point of view of the state of our energy field. Maturity comes suddenly and harshly. Leaving on the 29-th year of life, many are completely alien and his body, and his already established habitual emotional shell... Someone can not stand this breaking and then maybe even to attack the so-called "saturnine" death (28 years — the time of one revolution of Saturn around the Sun).

Fifty four million four hundred twenty seven thousand three hundred sixty six

28 — 35 years old - a time of heightened attention to the opinion of others. Any condemning word is taken very seriously — that is, hit backhand. Any praise inspires. There is an active socialization of the individual.

By the way, the social conflicts we experience are usually every 5 years. This applies to all aspects of public life. Regardless of whether you are creating a family or private firm, in five years will definitely run into serious problems. It is the growing pains. They are natural and will even benefit if your initiative has a healthy potential. Then 2 years later the process reaches a new positive level. If capacity is not present, for the peak of the crisis will be followed by two years of excruciating agony and inevitable failure.

So when applying for a job sure to ask the age of the firm and hold to enter into a relationship with the company 4.5 years: we still have to see how it will be your 5-year-old crisis.

Spiritual, creative, and ideological processes also experiencing moments of crisis, but every 9 years.

In 35 years begins the second period of the life of the shocks, which are designed to temper the spirit: re-bitie determines consciousness! By this age, people should attempt to decide in society. The onset of age — another, more Mature step to understanding yourself and achieving inner harmony. Bodily matrix is linked in a single unit with the spiritual matrix.

35-year-old age people are hard to better at this time to change jobs and start new business. 36 — the time to adjust their own worldview, to bring the spirit to a qualitatively new level of development. If this is not done, future 37 can be fatal — like Pushkin, Yesenin, Mayakovsky... having completed its primary mission on Earth, the great proceeded to new — and their continued presence here, in accordance with the laws of nature became meaningless...

42 — 49 years old - a time of spiritual self-knowledge on a new, more Mature level. Women often suddenly, out of nowhere, appears a convulsive desire to give birth! Maybe she just does not realize that feels the need only to give birth to himself as a new person is in full compliance with the requirements of nature?! To give birth, literally is not recommended in any case: since you live the age of spiritual realization, a small child now — a false step and vanity, which puts you at a biological level of development. And this is a step backwards, contrary to the evolutionary demands of nature.

If 49 years of self-personality is not completed, the person becomes uninteresting to his own spirit: nature does not need "spiritual barren flowers". There is a natural elimination of the physical body... the Rest are offered more actively to improve hard-won and built over the years a Mature Union healthy body and increasingly demanding spirit. You need to develop as a person, build capacity, acquire promotion in your social and personal life. Thus prepared the attack 56 years of age so responsible that for many it becomes the time of the second "Saturn" of the crisis. Or is the second "Saturn" death... For women it is a time characterized by the onset of menopause: the private life often want to put an end, to be a grandmother and to dissociate itself from the world of diapers. And it is necessary, on the contrary, to take care of yourself, your spirit and to live, enjoying the fact that you still passed this tough test under the code number "56"!

Following the crisis of 63 years, of which several years in retirement. We have the pension of a person is for three years of his life, which, in principle, that's right: if a man sixty years deprived of active social activities, it is longer and will not live. The longevity of academicians is due to the fact that they never retire, continuing life in science. It's simple: they are interesting to society, and it is always interesting life! 7 years before the 70th anniversary pass unnoticed, and then they are still opening make — on white, as they say, the horse I rode in the following "period of encouragement"! (see the "Mohawk" above).

As mere mortals, they knowledge of critical ages helps to protect yourself from the mass of unpleasant surprises and problems that you should be able to explain, not allowing them to turn into a snowball. Everything is cyclical in this world, all takes us to a new, higher level. You just have to remember this and not feel shy every time about the natural twists and turns that are inevitable. We live by the inevitable laws: spiritual and creative, biological and social. The ability to obey them — the basis of a long, dynamic and creative life.published 

Author: Vyacheslav Gubanov

Source: www.lifexpert.ru/articles/allintime/


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