Smart home: what components to buy

To give to the owner more free time and make his life more comfortable — such is the main task of the smart home. We have heard a lot about web-connected refrigerators, dryers, gas stoves, cameras... Manufacturers of smart electronics only got a taste, and therefore actively gaining momentum. Your house does not become smarter? Then look, pritsenivayutsya and set up a piggy Bank: this year will be plenty to choose.


A cylindrical chamber made of anodized aluminium from Netatmo has received the name of Welcome. It sends notifications only when she notices the stranger, and the house owners know immediately. Other features – Full HD, night vision, viewing angle 130 degrees. To the router the camera is connected via Wi-Fi or network cable. Video is transmitted to a mobile gadget, but is recorded on the local storage, the microSD card.

A similar feature is present and updated camera from ArcSof Simplicam, which is currently being tested. In the memory of the device stores up to ten persons, forming for each a specific set of rules. This means that the neighbor and the stranger, the camera will react in different ways. The creators promise that in the future, the gadget will be able to point to specific areas of observation and to track movement.


This system, unlike analogue, does not use Wi-Fi, and uses Bluetooth, which has its own wireless communication Protocol. First there is a signal from a mobile gadget on the Central column and then on the selected dynamics through the radio broadcast sound. To control the system, you must have a mobile app.

This approach has its drawbacks. For example, the inability to simultaneously play different tracks and limit the sound sources. These disadvantages kompensiruet small price (set of speakers and two satellites – $ 300, five components – $ 480).



Brand pleased four sets of such devices. The base of each is a hub that supports DECT technology, and it has a slot for a microSD card to record video.

Two of these sets focus on the video surveillance. The first Baby Monitor Kit (KX-HN6001W,), equipped with a camera that you want to use in the room. There is also a microphone, motion sensor, IR LEDs for shooting in the dark. Second, the DIY Surveillance Camera Kit (KX-HN6002W,), equipped with two cameras with a protective housing, whereby the device can be used outdoors.

Complete Home Monitoring and Control Kit (KX-HN6003W, $ 300.) the camera is missing, but he has a pair of sensors to open doors/Windows, a motion sensor, a smart outlet, wireless handset to control the system and monitor the notifications. If desired, the tube due to several manipulations can become a full-fledged phone.

The fourth set, the Home Safety Starter Kit (KX-HN6000W,) similar to above, but without smart outlets and one sensor opening.


The Nest now has security cameras Dropcam HD, and in January this year announced the release of the latest version of Pro. Those who have already installed an older version, the manufacturer plans to replace it with a new one and it is absolutely free. Support for old versions will cease in April of this year. The manufacturer decided to implement Pro that has an enhanced night vision mode and sound. Dropcam Pro will sell for $ 199.




The Honeywell brand has long established itself as manufacturer of thermostats. At the beginning of the year, he showed off a new line of devices that protect the house from invasion. The set of Lyric includes the Central module with touch screen, two different control panel, smoke detector, siren, keychain for interaction with the system and also the sensor opening, motion and glass breakage. Interestingly, for the control, you can give voice commands, integrating with the Lyric thermostat and supporting mobile applications for iOS/Android.




SYSTEM TO CONTROL HOME ELECTRONICS HOMEKIT (APPLE) HomeKit platform format "smart house" designed to control home electronics from your iPhone. It was released Apple brand in September last year, and in November 2014, she began her licensing. During testing special attention to the specific performance standards that must be met by the company that creates the chips and devices. At the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, the company Elgato and iDevices showed their devices that support HomeKit, the platform should only appear this spring.


Since last year in the domestic market started active sale of a personal assistant. CUBIC is the world's first personal AI with personality. Cubic brain understands the human voice, can control appliances and systems in your home or office. CUBIC will introduce its owner with the latest news, tells you about traffic jams on the roads, if necessary, will give you a good advice. Also the engineers of the company Cubic Robotics assure that their development is the most attentive interlocutor, and the most witty robot on the planet.opublikowano





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