Academician gariaev: body and Soul — two sides of life

On the basis of numerous experiments performed at the Institute of clinical and experimental medicine at the Siberian branch of the RAS, academician V. P. Kaznacheev came to the conclusion: "the Living substance (the Soul), first projects himself as a holographic field image and under this image builds his concrete terrestrial biochemical body. So there are two sides to life, and the first field (holographic) side".

Academician p. P. gariaev and his colleagues demonstrated experimentally that such hologram occurs before the birth of the whole organism.

The information coming from the outside in relation to the embryo, makes its chromosome to create a certain wave. This image is a hologram and dictates dividing cells, when and where it must grow arms, legs, head. The wave image is a hologram, gradually filled with matter. In the laboratory gariaev was practically confirmed by an immaculate conception.

From unfertilized eggs removed all the parts of DNA that contains hereditary information. Then in the remaining microscopic tissue with the aid of the generator have entered the information, taken from already formed tadpole. And the fabric began to develop there muscles, nerves, blood. "Here Mary gave birth, when the Holy Spirit gave it to the chromosomes of wave hologram of the image of God. By the way this may explain the origin of life on Earth. We had DNA embedded in it information.

So, someone had to send the wave of the hologram, made of simple molecules to assemble into more complex, up to proteins, DNA and RNA and further into a complex organism. And here we inevitably come to the idea of a Brain – powerful mind-field form, the basis of which, most likely, is vacuum. It is because of the vacuum there are waves carrying all living things genetic information and energy," says Garyaev.

Further gariaev suggests that despite the fact that the course of science cannot be stopped, you need to remember that there is a line beyond which it is impossible to cross. With this line faced gariaev and his assistant G. tertyshny. The idea that I wanted to test the scholars seem blasphemous to them today. But when they decided to experiment, they wanted to test the ability of the immaculate conception in more interesting, from their point of view. What if you light laser men's semen and to convey its radiation girl? Fortunately the girl was not invited. In the standing wave of cum began to give out fantastic flashes of various shades. The researchers decided that made the light, the creative life.

And, as if hypnotized, bent over a laser swaroopam to better look at him. Suddenly, they both felt a strong pain in the head and pain in the abdomen. A few hours Garaeva better. And George Tertyshna, cum which was taken, was much worse. The pain intensified and the temperature rose to 41 degrees. A week she held on the verge of clotting. And energy-the blow fell on the chain that links relatives: wife and child of George fell into such a state...


But we have to sincerely pray to God to forgive us sinners. Promised not to invade His technology. Fortunately gradually recovered. But we got a very serious warning: "If you are going to work on, then do not enter into the Holy of holies of living matter!". Then scientists occurred a dramatic shift. Believing in God, they began to operate only with His permission. Superbrain, according to the opinion of P. gariaev, keeps scientists from doing things that might lead to negative results for humans.


In 1985 a group of researchers of the Department of theoretical problems of the USSR under the leadership of P. P. Garyaev worked with drugs derived from cell nuclei extracted from chicken embryos. Destroying the core, the scientists extracted the carrier of heredity – DNA molecule and exploring them, trying to solve the mystery of the programming of life: how two microscopic sets of chromosomes from the male and female germ cells guide the creation of biological systems. Core illuminated by a laser beam. Reflected from them, light is scattered.

Its spectrum was measured by highly sensitive instruments and obtained spectral patterns. The spectrum of light diffusion, it was possible to judge the sounds coming from the engine. After all, they oscillate, which give rise to acoustic waves. But these same movements cause the play of reflected light. Therefore, the spectra light and sound correspond exactly to each other. Figuratively speaking, under the influence of the laser core is not only dancing, but singing. And the spectrometer can record their "concert" on the original VCR.

When filming range scattering with intact nuclei, together they sang the "hymn of life" at low frequencies. But when the cores were exposed to the adverse effects (laser), genetic apparatus started "shrill scream" in the ultrasonic range, as if sending SOS signals. The screaming began while heating cores

At a temperature of from 40 to 42 degrees they "complained that they were very bad." And at the further heating the melted liquid crystals, which contains the hereditary information of DNA. They erased the program of development of the organism. What remained of the molecules of heredity, sounded like dead matter: instead of harmony of sounds, a chaos of sounds.

Once scientists accidentally measured the spectrum of "empty" space, which had just been the drug of DNA, and now stood a clean cuvette. Imagine their surprise when the laser beam is dissipated, as if bumped into an invisible barrier. Range of turned out like in the empty space were still dying of the DNA molecule. "Empty" space is not only scattered light but sounded like the DNA molecule, which there was not cast a vote. They were very "excited", and, as scientists say, "they screamed from pain and horror, which caused destruction of cell nuclei".

Sample compartment is carefully washed and the experiment was repeated. The emptiness is still "crying", as if it were full of dying nuclei. Sound and light effects did not disappear for many days. It seemed that in cavetti branch stuck a phantom death. A long and extensive studies have allowed scientists to understand and explain what is happening. During melting of the nuclei (of violent death) occurs energy explosion, generating a wave of energy – a torsion field. The energy charges of the elements of the physical vacuum in the cell be the same as this powerful energy field of the dying cores. The phantom is formed, which persists for quite a long time and is tied to the place of death. The spectrometer recorded the phantom exactly 40 days – precisely through such a period, arrange funeral services for the deceased. Then the dense shell of the phantom apart.

Similar results were obtained by the American physicists under the direction of Robert Pecora in 1990 and Japanese scientists under the leadership of Professor Yamato in 1992.

A thorough study of the properties of the phantoms, formed as a result of cell death of heredity, has led to sensational conclusions. First of all, the researchers tested a phantom for biological activity. Empty the cuvette with phantom was placed a suspension of fresh, intact nuclei. Their DNA began to behave like melted. They began to "scream", as if they too were killed. Healthy nuclei spectrum was the same as dying. This meant that phantom is biologically active. It can damage the field of the protection of a healthy molecules, influence, recorded in their genetic program.
Thus, we see that there is a field form of death (phantom) and the field form of life (Soul).

Professor I. P. Volkov believes that after the death of the biological body his Soul is alienated from the corpse, it changes its properties, but continues to exist in other forms in the Subtle World according to its inherent laws of operation in anticipation of the next earthly incarnation.

To measure the Soul separating from the body at death, U.S. researchers have created ultra-precise scales and recorded weight loss have people dying in the lethal time in the rather wide limits of from 2.5 to 7 grams. But interestingly, weight loss did not occur gradually, but abruptly, in the form of several consecutive steps. Apparently the soul leaves the body not smoothly, and jerks.

French physician Hippolyte jury finds him decided to try to see the soul leaving and used special photographic equipment to capture external changes occurring in the vicinity of man, passing into another world. And he did it on the example of the death of his wife. A photograph taken after 15 minutes of death recorded over the translucent body of the nebula, resembling a small cloud.

In the picture taken about an hour, the cloud covers almost the entire surface of the picture. After 9 hours – it is the scattered shreds of the nebula. Recently there have been reports and the St. Petersburg physicians. Using the infrared vision equipment, they have recorded that at the time of death of the person separated from it, a translucent energy of the object is elliptical in shape. Subsequently, it dissolves in space.published

From the book tihoplav V. Yu and tihoplav T. S. "Physics of faith"



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