What is psychosomatics

Most of us have probably heard the phrase, that all diseases are caused by nerves. In medicine, the determination of the disease called psychosomatics, which translated from Greek means "soul and body".

Of course, first of all, official medicine explores the physiological condition of the patient the man for the failure of the body, and then turns to psychology and the possible reasons for the development of the disease.

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Psychological reasons almost always located in the zone of strong feelings – it may be anger, depression, guilt and more. These feelings in any way connected with the human nervous system. It is no accident, in some cases, after a full examination of the particular doctors, the patient is still directed to the office of a psychologist or a neurologist for an examination.

It allows a neurologist to establish a number of the causes of many diseases in the body of the patient. Consider, for example, it is a classic case of the problem with the trigeminal nerve can cause pain in the jaw, and the patient concluded that he had problems with his teeth, at that time, as it will be a completely wrong diagnosis and similar cases in medical practice weight. And most interesting is that the failure of the trigeminal nerve can also be attributed to psychological causes. Neuralgia of this nerve area can be attributed to psychological causes. In particular, neuralgia of this part of the nervous system connected with the constant insincerity and hypocrisy, including external, affecting the facial muscles and nerves.

To psychosomatic diseases, oddly enough, can also be considered as common nowadays disease as:

— gastric ulcer is a common disease among those who eat, as a result, problems at work or life.

— bronchial asthma – caused by the strangulation of a man the people around him in social life.

— diabetes – develops when a lack of love in human life, he seizes and sweet.

— back pain – the result of the excessive burden assumed by man and carried year after year without outside help.

— sore throat – sometimes those who step on the throat of his own fate, i.e. can not take her in his arms.

— dizziness – a problem for those who are tired at work and at home.

— hair loss is the result of a nervous breakdown or severe shock.published


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