Dave Favier: How people really look like

I spent many years working as a massage therapist. People have been undressing in front of me. I know how you will look under the clothes: I just cast a glance, to represent you at your table.

To begin with, doesn't look like anybody: no one looks like a picture from a magazine or a frame of film. Even model. No. Skinny people look a little bony, they have something incomplete, and it is very attractive. But they have beautiful rounded Breasts and smooth rounded buttocks.

If you have beautiful round Breasts and ass, you will have a nice round belly and rounded hips, too. It does not happen. (And it is also very attractive.)

Women have cellulite. At all. Those dimples are really cute. This is not a defect, not a health problem. It is a natural consequence of the fact that you are not photoshopped.

Men funny buttocks. Of course, most of my clients are women, but sometimes I see the male ass, and wonder: what, is that all? They are very skinny and loose, have to push them gently, otherwise people uncomfortable.

Adults are Contracting. No matter how you sports. With each passing decade, you dry out a bit more. All of your tissues SAG. Wrinkles appear. Don't know who started the rumor that there are only wrinkles in the elderly. As soon as you become older, wrinkles begin to appear, and this happens faster with age. And we also want you to live a long life?

All the people on the massage table is very beautiful. In this rule, no exceptions. After the first heavy sigh, after first thoughts: "okay, you can stop to keep the brand, I'm safe," the man begins to glow, to Shine. In a few minutes his whole body emits light. It fills the room, warms it, and fills masseur.

Say massage therapists — caring people, I think the way it is, we like to take care of others and we are usually very sensitive. But let me tell you a secret: I have been doing massage for this lights.

I'll tell you how people really look like: they look like flames. Or the stars in the clear night sky above the wild steppe.

Dave Favier, a massage therapist.

Source: vk.com/intuitivniy_massaggg?w=wall-47391312_207%2Fall


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