How to recognize basic symptoms of stroke + video

The most expensive in stroke are the first minutes and hours of the disease. First aid provided at this time, is the most effective. Neurosurgeons I assure you, if the assistance to the stroke victim within three hours, the consequences of attack may be eliminated. The thing is, to diagnose and to recognize a stroke, and in the first three hours to begin treatment.

In stroke, many people do not die immediately. Very often they are in a situation where they can help over a long period of time. You will take a few minutes to read the following...

Simple signs and symptoms of stroke.• You need to ask the person to smile. (The person is not able to do so, or smiling with obvious disproportion of the face).

• Ask to say a simple sentence, such as "beautiful weather". (The person is not able to pronounce words articulately).

• Ask them to raise outstretched arms in front of him. (Man can not do this or does it some with one hand).

• Ask to flick out tongue language (if language is turned or curved — this is also a sign of a stroke).

If you have problems with at least one of these tasks — immediately call the ambulance and try to describe the symptoms.

As one cardiologist, the more people will know this information, we can confidently say that the life of a man, and perhaps Yours will be saved. Us every day are dispatched around the world so much "garbage" that may be worth to put on the wire at least once. published

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