The most harmful in the makeup

In our time is so much talk about air pollution, poor environment; the food contains much nitrates and concentrates. But how many people know about the harmful substances in personal care products, household chemicals, cosmetics?

Few examine the shampoo that you wash your hair. Or for example, what is shower gel. But why think about it, if the product is on the shelves of the store, so she is safe. And here and there.

Offer to conduct an experiment. Go into your bathroom, take shampoo or shower gel and look at the composition.



1. The sodium lauryl sulfate
2. Laureth sulfate sodium
3. Parabens
4. Polypropyleneglycol
5. Glycol
6. Propylene glycol
7. Connection TEM
8. Connection PPG
9. DEA
Now let's saglanm in the directory.

Twenty five million one hundred thirty five thousand eight hundred sixty two

Potential effect
1. irritation of skin, eyes and mucous membranes, dry skin, eczema, mouth ulcers, toxic to the liver and the gastrointestinal tract, included in the list of hazardous substances by the National Institute of health, USA, teratogenic, toxic to aquatic organisms

2. Can cause formation of nitrosamines (toxic group of substances formed by the Union of nitrites with amines, for example, NDELA, included in the List of hazardous substances adopted in Canada.) Can cause many forms of cancer, including cancer of the liver, lung, mouth, stomach and esophagus, the liver, can enter the body through the skin

3. Can cause allergic reactions, endocrine system disruption, contact dermatitis, may increase the risk of breast cancer, toxic to animals by ingestion

4=6. Contact dermatitis, lactic acidosis, skin rash, dry skin, toxic to the respiratory, immune and nervous systems, delayed contact allergies, increased absorption of other substances

5. Irritation of skin and eyes, toxic to the kidneys and immune system, can contain residues of lead and arsenic

7. May form nitrosamines (2)

8. Included in the list of hazardous substances adopted in Canada. Toxic to liver, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, respiratory organs and kidneys, headache, vomiting, accompanying abortion, teratogen, mutagen, carcinogen.

9. May form Nitrosamines (2)
This is just a small list of what is in cosmetics and personal care products…



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