VOLKSWAGEN has announced a compact electric scooter "at least".

German carmaker Volkswagen has introduced a new electric vehicle is a compact electric scooter Last Mile Surfer, which can optionally be folded to a more compact size.

Last Mile works Surfer on the basis of the electric motor that powers the lithium-ion battery. A power scooter is not reported, however, as pointed out in the Volkswagen, range from a single battery charge is about 20 kilometers. The day on so little, of course, is not travel, but to go to the nearest store — please.

The scooter is designed so that it can be easily folded up and put in the trunk of a car. The carmaker sees the new as a spare variant in case if the car runs out of fuel and the nearest gas station will be located a few kilometers away. For this reason, as mentioned above, scooter is very compact, and weighs only 11 pounds.

The head of the British division of Volkswagen Martin Winterkorn promised that electric scooter Last Mile Surfer will go on sale in 2016. Its expected price will be below 1000 Euro. published

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