Washing Car

Yesterday, while we were testing another car, one of the "particularly original pranksters" made it here.
At first I laughed.
Then he got angry.
Then, realizing the amount invested forces ... even admired respectfully strange - because I had to come up with such nonsense at first, then make a pattern, then buy stuff and kruzhavchiki, then sew (!) ... But still full of dirt in all attached underneath ... making all accurately and reliably (untied, tore ten minutes).
One oppresses - I can not figure out who it could be. "Fans of the program?" They all do different ...
Funny? They do everything lazier and less resource-intensive ...
Your own? For an idea of ​​where I will be those three hours, knew one. Tortured ... it would seem, no.
Suffer as long gone.
Because I ask.
The one who will put on the right track - 1000 rubles.
Sentences will not be jokers.


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