Flower festival in Portugal

In the small town of Campo Maior in the Alentejo region, Portugal, from 22 to 30 August 2015, is an annual flower festival "Festas do Povo". For this annual festival of local residents was being prepared especially carefully. The main street of Campo Maior, located in the heart of the Alentejo (it is the largest region of Portugal), was decorated with homemade garlands, paper flowers, all colors and shades. All the flowers were handmade by the locals. Their production was spent thousands of feet of colored paper and four months of hard work. Now a small but very cozy Portuguese village, has become a true floral Paradise for art lovers.

Local residents staged a small competition between them, the title of whose streets more beautiful and unusually decorated. For making garlands used colored paper only the bright colors. In addition to stretched over the streets of floral garlands hanging down to the ground, was made paper lanterns, various applications of plants, butterflies and birds that decorated the walls of houses. Even cars and those got my paper flower bouquet.

The flower festival has become for the citizens of a truly national, because it was prepared without exception. How much was spent effort and patience to create this floral Paradise. And the work of the people was not in vain, the city became magically beautiful and fabulously beautiful.

By the way, the number of ongoing festivals and various celebrations in Portugal is so huge that to list them all is just impossible. All year round in different parts of the country the locals something to note and celebrate. Even the little Portuguese village has its own traditions and celebrations with its own specific rituals, which must pass under the sounds of music, dancing and fireworks. In many cities the big holidays are bullfighting with the bulls. By the way here bullfighting is more humane than in Spain. In Portugal bulls are not killed. Spring (may) in Coimbra student festival Quema-shower-Fetus. In September, held the "grape harvest Festival" which is celebrated annually starting from 1419года. In the Bay of Funchal are colorful fairs with fireworks. In Santa Maria music festival is held Mare-d Agosta. And this is only a small fraction of the list of events held in Portugal. Truly we can say that it is home to the most cheerful people in the world.published


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