The worst places on the planet

Horror movies frighten us with imaginary fears, by showing the afterlife worlds, travel to hell and terrible aliens, ready, almost, to tear off the head of the peaceful spaceman. But Hollywood professionals would be worth to look back on the really existing places can bring any sane person to a nervous breakdown. So, before you — the 10 most frightening places on the planet that actually exist.

Great Blue Hole Belize

This amazing crater has a diameter in a whopping 305 meters and a depth — 120. Earlier, before the last ice age, caves were above sea level, the water then flooded the area and turned this failure into a real portal of Cthulhu.

Island Of The Dolls Mexico

Isla de las Munecas looks like a game of a sick imagination advanced game designer. The whole area of Islands scattered parts of dolls, some hanged on trees.


Beelitz-Heilstatten Germany

Abandoned military hospital really brings fear. And not just here, during world war II, tried to treat poisoned by mustard gas the soldiers. Interestingly, there was treated a wound of the then corporal Adolf Hitler.


The Suicide Forest Of Japan

This, at first glance, the tranquil forest at the foot of mount Fuji hides a terrible secret: it was here come the Teens to finish their days. Only in 2010, it killed 340 people — that is, suicide were almost a daily occurrence.


Snake island Brazil

Two hundred kilometers separate the Golden beaches of Sao Paulo from the terrible place: the concentration of the snakes on Queimada Grande is the highest in the world.


Pripyat Ukraine

The chilling story of the Chernobyl disaster will remain with humanity for centuries. Pripyat, where relatively recently started to drive the tour, looks like a city from the worst nightmares of any teenager.


The Ijen Volcano Indonesia

This volcano is known for his terrifying outbursts of gas, mixed with sulfur. Outrageous fluorescent shades of lava can scare anyone.


Centralia USA

And here is the town, which became the prototype of the legendary silent hill. Burning underground coal mine devastated this rural town, which still looks terrible reminder of the humanity of all-powerful nature.


Catacombs Of The Capuchins, Italy

All the catacombs in the world, from Salzburg to Paris, don't look as creepy as the Sicilian Catacombe dei Cappucini. This religious cemetery mummified remains of several thousand monks.


Haw Par Villa Singapore

This theme Park is the polar opposite of the cheerful Disneyland. All space is filled with surreal statues that make everyone who entered feel like being in a Chinese hell. published

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