Node charisma: what part of the brain responsible for the credibility

Why some people are persuasive and others are not? How does the motivation level of brain physiology. At the First international seminar on neurobiological mechanisms of social influence organized by the HSE, we met with a Professor at the University of Michigan Emily Falk about the biology of beliefs and the mechanics of the distribution of brilliant thoughts.

— You investigated the mechanism of dissemination of ideas. How is it done?

— Ideas that spread most successfully, to trigger the system reinforcements in the brain. The greatest activity in this case can be seen in the so-called ventral striatum (here, by combining neurons create pathways motivational impulses; this area is also called the "reward center" — approx. ed.). The ventral striatum is part of the limbic system, which regulates essential for the survival of the emotions and reactions: fear, lust, the desire to protect children, as well as the internal organs, blood pressure, and other parameters.

The people who best know how to convey to others an idea, use your brain not like other people. They better perceive another's point of view, when to Express his thought, and active use areas that are typically involved in the assessment of the behaviour and the subjective opinions of others — primarily the temporal-parietal site (it plays a key role in the awareness itself, and the processing of moral beliefs — approx. ed.).

— How is this ability?

— We don't know, but are going to investigate its origin. Ask me in a year, and I will answer this question. However, the role played here not just physiology, but also structural issues: for example, how wide the access the public have with one person or another. Important not only the ability but also the position.

— What about experts and idols? They affect our brain?

In 2008 Vasily klucharev (Vice-Dean of the Sciences of behavior, the head of the Department of psychology at the faculty of social Sciences of the higher school of Economics, Professor — approx. ed.) with colleagues conducted a study in this area. They discovered a curious fact: if, for example, a famous tennis player puts his autograph on a tennis Shoe, this fact has much greater power due to the fact that in matters of equipment he is an expert. If the player will sign on the packaging of food, his action would have this effect.

— Message received from the exceptional man can change the thinking of other people?

— Yes, it can. We studied the processes that occur in the brain at such moments, and found that neural activity in the prefrontal cortex, along with the activity in other areas, she points to change people their behavior in accordance with the received message. The reason is that processing of messages involved region of the brain that are responsible for the action, the definition of values, motivation. This allows to predict not only how to change individual behaviour, but also as a source of information that will affect the whole person. That is why the dissemination of successful ideas from the point of view of neurobiology is part of the process of creating motivation.

— Is it to create motivation, you need to use the mechanisms of self-affirmation?

To investigate these mechanisms, scientists began approximately 20 years ago. This method works when there is a risk that people will feel threatened (for example, during the anti-Smoking campaign, if in the framework of smokers condemn, and they mentally begin to defend itself — approx. ed.). It was originally created to the recipients of the message did not resort to defensive behaviour.

Interestingly, however, now there are many different approaches and all of them randomly reduced to the notion of self-affirmation. We just tried to figure out how it works and see what happens in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is right behind the frontal bone. The study of its activity allows you to predict how it will change human behavior without considering what he may say about their intentions. And all because this area is able to work with abstract values.

— I read that the integration mechanisms of self-affirmation in the key message based on core values. How to determine what is the value, in each case?

— You just need to offer the people of focus groups to sort values from a list in order from most important to least important. Values can be different for different people, but, on average, 75% of them in first or second place to family and friends.

— This method can be used to harm?

No, I think the marketing is hard to do. The people themselves know what is important to them and what is not. Basically, the method of integrating elements of self-assertion is used in social campaigns. If in this way the person will try to persuade to something bad, he will still be able to properly assess due to cognitive abilities. And the smoker, of course, in any case, you may decide that you do not stop Smoking. No obligation to accept tips.published


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