Beautiful and useful: cones as mulch

Mulch is a great way to protect crops, retain moisture in the soil and even weed control. The importance of mulch is hard to overestimate. However, growers often question about the best materials for mulch. Some even decide to buy special mulch mixes in stores. Today we will talk about the features of mulching the soil with ordinary cones.

For mulching the soil are suitable in fact, many organic materials are easy to find in the garden. If you have a nearby pine plantations, then do not worry at the expense of mulch – you will be enough. Cones is really a great option for a versatile mulch in the garden, but let's think about the basic tasks that it performs in the garden mulch.

So why mulch? In the first place, in order to make life easier for you, the gardeners. Instead of spending a lot of effort into weed control and plant protection, it is better to use mulch that is much easier and simpler.

Mulch performs a range of important functions in the garden.

First and foremost it should be noted that the mulching allows the soil much longer retain moisture. The earth does not open under the sun, and hence the moisture from it evaporates slower.
In turn, it is only a plus for plants, because they are able to obtain moisture when it is needed and not long to wait the time of irrigation or rain. Also, the mulch acts as a protective barrier, which prevents overheating the roots in hot weather. Instead of heating the ground and the roots of the plants, the sun warms the mulch, which takes the brunt.

In the winter time mulch on the contrary, plays the role of protecting the earth, and with it the roots of plants from the cold. The soil does not freeze so sharply and deeply, if she generously wrapped a layer of mulch.
And the mulch protects the land from leaching of nutrients from it. Particularly such protection is desired the soil in the spring time of year.

As you can see, mulch is useful all year round, in any season.

Mulch from cones

If you have a nearby source of cones, it is a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity. Cones are great for mulch. They further protect the earth from the hot rays of the sun in the summer, further harboring a dense soil in winter, and mulch from cones not become a barrier to high-quality watering plants. The layer of mulch allows water to pass through without any delays, but the earth holds it securely, not allowing the water to evaporate quickly. Thus, irrigation efficiency multiplies.

At the same time, the bumps become an excellent barrier against weed growth. If before winter, that is, right now, to cover tree trunks circles of trees, ground under shrubs and other areas with a mulch of cones, it is likely that a large part of the weeds and not seeing the light spring will not be able to get to the surface.

Mulch from the cones is unique in that it is always a great blown barrier, i.e. does not restrict the breathing of the soil. Air quietly penetrates into the rough structure of the cones, at the same time from direct sunlight, the same structure is protecting the earth perfectly. Just take a walk in a pine forest, you will see that on the ground near the trees, where the soil is littered with needles and cones, the grass is almost not to find. Weeds don't belong here. At the same time, drop deeper, as they say, and you will see what a great soil there.

Speaking of thorns – if possible, collect them, they complement the mulch from cones, filling voids denser layer. And don't forget that this mulch is fine and original look in the garden, so stock up cones. First you will be grateful to the plants, and then you have them when culture will present a generous and healthy harvest. published


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