Musk has promised that next month Tesla will be able to independently move

Musk has promised that next month Tesla will be able to independently move on the highway, and three years later, everywhere In the an interview with Danish newspaper Borsen Elon Musk said that next month should be completed beta-testing of the autopilot for Tesla cars that allows them to automatically move on the highway and some other simple roads. And after about 3 years, Tesla will be able to move around in a fully Autonomous mode, though, according to Musk, would be another 1-2 years then the moment all permits, the Commission will approve these robomobile.

According to Mask, Denmark has performed well in the use of renewable wind energy, and it would be logical to become a leader in the use of electric vehicles (Musk calls them "environmentally friendly transport").

Musk noted that while this trend is not observed, according to him, vehicles on country roads not more than 1% of the total number of vehicles, and urged the government to increase subsidization of the industry. Especially by themselves, electric vehicles can become part of the system of accumulation of energy – and the task of storing the received renewable energy is a key in this area. Musk did not forget to mention your project home battery, which should reach the market in late 2015.

Responding to a question about competition from other manufacturers (for example, Porche and Audi in September presented their concept EVS), Musk noted that this is consistent with the philosophy of their company. Their mission is to ensure that the roads were as many electric cars — otherwise, in his opinion, the future of humanity would be extremely bleak.

Talking about the further improvement of the technology, Musk has promised that in the next year or two Tesla will be able to overcome the bar to 1000 kilometers on a single charge (the current record is 800 km), and by 2020 this figure could reach 1,200 km.

Thinking about the distant future of the automotive industry, Musk suggested that in 20 years most cars will be electric and Autonomous. According to him, now there are approximately 2 billion cars, and by the time their number may reach 2.5 billion.

Elon Musk visited Denmark to test the operation of the Danish branch of the car company Tesla and negotiations with government representatives. published

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