How to save onion until spring

Friends, all Hello autumn!) Our conversation today will focus on how to properly store onions. We've not once really discussed in detail, how to plant it, what is the care for onions, and when it should be removed. For example, in the article the Secrets onion harvest — look, if you have not read. Well, we will try to keep their onions, so to meet the spring colds and beriberi, armed "to the teeth".


Which onions are best stored?According to observations, the best preserved is not white and not red, but ordinary yellow onions, to which we are accustomed from childhood. It has a dense shell containing most of the essential oils. Yellow onion, less whimsical, less demanding storage conditions. Example: this time we forgot the small onion in the attic. There were yellow and red (or rather purple). So, when came the first early frosts, yellow nothing has been done, and the red is almost all deteriorated and rotted.

It is also seen that the best kept onions grown from sets and not from seed. And in many ways, the duration of storage depends on the variety. Sharp variety, which when cutting the waterworks are flowing, typically stored is better than sweet and semi-sweet. And all because the sweet varieties are more susceptible to the disease, and the husk of their more tender.

How to prepare onions for storage?

The correctness of the preparation depends half of success. Of course, the onions should be well dried. In the sun, in the attic...It's all know. The next stage is no less important: it is necessary to carefully inspect and palpate each onion. They must be firm, dry, whole, without any signs of decay. Heads must be cleaned from the ground, without fresh sprouts. Carefully dried bulbs are very well kept and give the minimum waste, they are peeling off the husk.

Interestingly, some people manage to dry onions in the oven at minimum temperature)). The main thing is not to overheat the oven)). Temperature in any case should be: first, to dry onions at a temperature of +25...+35°C, then about 10 hours to heat it at a temperature of +42...+45°C.

Bulbs that are slightly tarnished, it was not without husk or has been damaged, keep for a long time, it is better to eat them in the first place.

Where and how to store onions?Best in a warm, dry cellar with a temperature of about 0° C or slightly higher. We store onions in the cellar, it is more convenient. To not constantly climb in the cellar, usually a small part put into the net and hang somewhere in the kitchen. Nothing happens. But you should not store onions in the same room as potatoes, beets and other vegetables that need more moisture.

For storage you can use boxes, nets, woven bags, baskets and even nylon stockings. But not plastic bags because they do not leak air! The packaging shall be such that the bulbs are well ventilated. Don't put onion in a thick layer, otherwise it is at the very bottom may rot.

Some store onions in the apartment, making bundles or braids. To do this, dry leaves are not cut, and leave — it's more convenient to communicate. It turns comfortable, and beautiful, and the air disinfects. The temperature during this method of storage needs to be within +18...+20 ° C. The disadvantage is: if the apartment has very low humidity, the onions will be dry, and if large — to rot. Therefore, it must be kept away from heat radiating panels.

If you store onions in the cellar, periodically (every 3-4 months) and iterate over it, removing rotten onions to rot did not spread to the healthy. You need to clean up and sprouted bulbs. Because usually these appear in the spring, we put on the greens. How nice then to cut to hash your own fragrant onion, when the window is still snow... mmm...

By the way, from germination of onion have the means. After circumcision, some dried roots cover "ass" lime paste, others burn the roots of the bulbs. To put a bow on the greens will not succeed, but it will be stored for a long time.

Perhaps this is all that can be said about storing onions. If you have something to add, write in the comments. They will be useful to someone. For example, how do you store onions?=) published


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