Electricity directly from the gas — the invention of the Ural scientists

Modern invention could power an apartment building or even lift into the air plane. This blue box is the invention of the Ural scientists.

It still has no name, but for sure will change all our lives. Device weighing no more than 10 pounds could power a home, cottage or farm. In fact, it is the powerhouse of the new generation, a step forward ahead of all that has already been created. It is based on a solid fuel element consisting of unpretentious ceramics. "The lifetime of the station 10-15 years. Full environmental safety. The basis for the fuel may be any hydrocarbon, gasoline, kerosene," — said the developer of the plant Sergey Krasilnikov.


Fit coal, wood, and even organic waste. It's not that than to fill the plant, and how it will process. The fuel cell, passing through any substance that creates a temperature of 900 degrees. Due to the immediate reaction and produces electricity. Power with a bigger size can provide even an apartment building. "If we are going to have in every home battery SOFC and water, we will be able to produce kilowatts of energy to produce electricity, hot water and heating," explained lead researcher, Institute of Electrophysics UB RAS Alexander Lipilin.

Fuel cells are widely used in other countries, but they are thin and short-lived. The invention of the Ural scientists has almost no shelf life and produces a power that the motors based on them can now completely replace the outdated internal combustion engines.

Ural fuel cell with a length of only 10 inches can produce 100 Watts of energy. When you combine 1,200 of these elements work unit is able to raise into the air a passenger plane.

The developers are ready to move progress on, however until a large-scale study there is no money. But business liked the project. Soon the world will see the bus not polluting the environment. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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Source: centrenergosberrb.ru/index.php/world-energy/news/3415-elektroenergiya-napryamuyu-iz-gaza.html


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