6 powerful books for self-development

1. Jenny Downham — "While I live"

Sixteen-year-old heroine of this book only begins to live, and she has so much to do. So she writes a list of all your desires and takes on the case. Not all of it so innocent as her peers. But only because it is largely not like them. And also because she needs to catch it now! "While I'm alive" — honest, brave and incredibly life-affirming novel. He literally stops time, reminding us that we need to appreciate the main thing is to seize the moment, to be bold in desires and enjoy the adventures that gives us every day.

2. Alexander Solzhenitsyn — "Cancer ward"

Alexander Solzhenitsyn (b. 1918) — Russian writer, Nobel prize laureate (1970). His works influenced the change in public consciousness around the world and brought its author international fame.

The novel "Cancer ward", one of the Central works of the author, was first published in 1968 abroad. Subsequently translated into almost all European languages. At home "Cancer ward" was published in 1990. A novel based on the author's personal experience, most of the characters which is deducted from nature, has become one of the most widely read works.

3. Ruben David Gonzalez — "White on black"

Ruben David Gonzalez Gallego, Russian writer, grandson of General Secretary of the Communist party of Spain, in his experience of life in Soviet Russia, much of which took place in boarding schools for disabled children, fully aware of the meaning of "Communist morality". About this experience his brilliant autobiographical novel in stories "White on black", which became a sensation already in magazine publishing and later received the award "Russian Booker" as the best novel of the year.

4. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt — "Oscar and the Pink lady"

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt — a celebrity, he is recognized as the most read and play on the stage of the French author. This fashionable, brilliant and yet profound writer who cares about fundamental questions of morality and meaning of life, themes of death, religion.
In each of the books included in his plan in "the Cycle of the Invisible" — "Oscar and the Lady in Pink, Monsieur Ibrahim and the flowers of the Koran" and "Children of Noah," reveals the theme of man's relationship to one of the world religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism. Critics and audiences agree on the fact that we have before us the rare case when no reader can remain indifferent.

5. Nicholas sparks — a walk to remember

The quiet town of Beaufort.
Every year Landon Carter is coming here to remember the story of his first love...
A story of passion and tenderness, many years ago connected with him, a guy from a wealthy family, and Jamie Sullivan, the humble daughter of a local pastor.
The history of joy and sadness, happiness and pain.
The history of feelings, which they come to experience just once in my life — and to remember forever...

6. Jostein Gaarder — "the Orange girl"

The name of the Norwegian writer Ustaina of Gardere is one of the largest in modern literature. In his books wonderfully combines the best traditions of world classics and the novelty and freshness of view. "Orange Girl" is a book in the book, because the story it takes two people. Boy George hears the voice of his father eleven years after his death... published


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